Will Malatya compete with Bursa in the rail system?

Bursa, an industrial center, an experienced automotive center agon The Metropolitan Municipality has also targeted the production of local tram cars with such a position.
Durmazlar The first production of the company, participation in the international fair in Istanbul and the preparation to participate in the fair in Berlin alone… The process we have written for the last 2 days has strengthened the goal of absolute success.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe was also drawing attention to the foreign market demand potential. It emphasized the billions of trade volume with the US dollar.
Bursa also received incentives for rail system investments. To be able to receive international certification, the current 2. critical threshold.
The government started the era of fast travel with the intercity rail move. Bursa's Metropolitan Municipality was also the initiative of the local awakening in Anatolia with the tram wagon business that was actually implemented.
Light rail system has become widespread in Anatolian cities. Not only Bursa and Eskişehir, but even Samsun in the Black Sea.
The movement of being a manufacturer also started. Bursa is not alone.
The wagons produced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are on the rails… Adapazarı's TÜVASAŞ is already with years of experience… Their emphasis on metro type vehicles, their common points…
Bursa produced the first wagon in the tram type and with its local capital. Ankara's highly attractive tender created excitement and became an indication of the domestic market.
In the tender in Ankara, the most suitable offer came from the Chinese firm. The decrease in prices was also attributed to the initiative in Bursa. In such a situation, it has started to talk about whether the Chinese company will make production in Bursa or not.
A development in Malatya was very interesting. Bursa's industrial future steps and terms that may be formed in Turkey, signatures will be important discarded. There is a Chinese investment in Malatya Wagon Repair Factory, which has been idle for more than a quarter century.
The city's governor, mayor and general secretary of the development agency had gone to China. Negotiations were held to attract investments in high-speed train systems, subway, freight and passenger wagons, and train locomotives.
We learned that a goodwill agreement was signed with China CNR, one of the largest manufacturers, and that such a step was the first step for investment and role in Malatya.

Or Sharp ”quests are increasing!
Yıldırım Mayor Özgen Keskin draws attention with his duties in the local government world. He was elected as a committee member of the Union of Marmara Municipalities, the chairman of the Union of Municipal Employers and the vice president of the Union of Southeast European Municipalities (NALAS), and then the vice president of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities.

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