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AK Party Samsun Deputy Cemal Yılmaz Demir, during his visit to the General Director of State Railways, Karaman, said, "The rapid developments and service quality of the railway sector are among the leading sectors in recent years".

Demir, AK Party Samsun Provincial Chairman Osman Cetinkaya, Ilkadim District President Ihsan Kurnaz, Tekkekoy District President Aydin Karmil and Wednesday District Chairman Mehmet Kose, the General Director of State Railways visited Karaman.

Demir stated that they had met with General Director of State Railways Süleyman Karaman to get information about Samsun's railway transportation to overcome some of its deficiencies and the stage of high speed train project. Ada Shortly before this, Mr. Minister Binali Yıldırım and high-speed train subjects. We met with General Director of State Railways, Suleyman Karaman, and we were informed about the road renewal works which are continued on conventional lines as well as efforts to increase line capability. The railway sector is one of the leading sectors in recent years due to the rapid developments and service quality, our citizens should prefer railroad and rail in transportation kayd.

During the meeting, he also informed the General Manager about the improvement of the existing building of the Samsun Railway Station, the elimination of the parking lot problem, meeting the needs of the railway retirees and the high speed train between Ankara and Samsun. I have examined the production technology and process in place. The technology that we came from is extremely satisfactory. I would also like to thank our General Manager for their help in providing high-service wagons to Samsun. Yüksek


State Railways General Manager Karaman said, "Although the high-speed train project between Samsun and Ankara is among our corporate goals, we also aim to build the conventional line between Samsun and Fatsa".

AK Party Samsun Provincial Chairman Osman Cetinkaya said, Ankara The government of Samsun-Ankara, one of the fastest train projects that our government has set as its targets, has been established by 100. 2023'dan year before the start of any attempt to be absolutely will continue. 'he said.

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