The revolution started in the railways

TCDD Purchasing Manager Yakup Guven said: Railways in our country not only in freight transportation, but in the defense industry there is a difference in the railroads ın.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Purchasing Director James Trust, said that even a nail gravel railways in the last 50-7 years, not revolution happened almost 8 years. Manager Yakup Güven said, 'Our railways planned a 2023 thousand kilometer high-speed train line until 10. And it continues rapidly. In addition to the existing Ankara-Eskişehir and Konya high-speed train line, in the first place: Sivas-Kars line (transportation time 5 hours, cost 4 billion dollars, end year 2014), Halkalı- Bulgaria (transportation time 1 hour, cost 750 million dollars, end year 2013), Ankara-İzmir (via Kemalpaşa), Ankara-Sivas line (end year 2014) In addition to these lines, Sivas-Elazığ-Diyarbakır-Erzincan- "It will be activated on lines such as Trabzon-Antalya-Afyon-Bursa."


Yakup Güven stated that until 2023, along with the high-speed train lines, Karaman-Konya, Niğde-Kayseri, Adana-K.Maraş, Şanlıurfa-Mardin-Syria exit lines will be built, and the old lines will be rehabilitated so that trains can go faster. line construction is targeted. Our country has achieved great success in railways and airlines, and by organizing flights to all over the world, our country has passed the flight time of Germany Airlines, which is the envy of Europe. It will also make further flights with the new aircraft it has added to its fleet. In our railways, it manufactures and sells both to our country and abroad with warships and ro-ro ships in the field of defense industry. Trust our country with air and sea routes kazanOn the other hand, our railways have achieved superior goals with the projects they have done and will do on this road, and today, 1,5 billion urban passenger transportation is aimed only with Marmaray-Egeray-Başkentray-Gaziray, and the projects are completed quickly. In addition to these, the construction of high-speed train stations, which have not yet been seen in the world, continues.”


Source: Yenişafak

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