Public Procurement Authority will determine the cable car tender again

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

The Public Procurement Agency (GCC) will determine the fate of the Metropolitan Municipality for the renewal of the Balçova Cable Car facilities that have been closed for the 5 years.

With an offer of 10 million 225 thousand TL from STM System Teleferik Assembly and A.Ş. kazanDoppelmayr Company, which submitted the highest bid, objecting to the outcome of the tender it was not awarded, objected to the JCC when it received a negative response from the Metropolitan Municipality.

The JCC will make a decision regarding the objection to be discussed at the earliest April meetings. If the JCC finds the objection justified, it will either ask for the correction process or cancel the tender. If found to be unfair to the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality Tender Commission will have approved the decision.

Capacity to fold

With the new system to be installed, the 400 2 400 will be available to the 300 per hour. 500-600 with a total of 8 thousand will be available to a thousand people per year. The old four-seater passenger cabins will be used instead of XNUMX cabinets. Automation system will be installed in the new ropeway. When the rope comes out, the cabs will stop automatically.


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