TENDER PROPOSAL: Purchase of Passenger Ticket Sales Advisory and Reservation Services at 70 Workstation with 272 Staff for 9 Months

TCDD GAR AND STATIONS PASSENGER TICKET SALES, CONSULTING AND RESERVATION SERVICES WILL BE BUILT IN 70 WORKPLACES WITH 272 ELEMENTS FOR 9 MONTHS. b) Telephone and Fax Number: 2012 28438 1 0312 / 309- Fax: 05 15 4199 c) WEB Address: http://www.malzeme.tcdd.gov.tr 2 - Name and amount of the goods subject to the tender: Passenger ticket sales, Advisory and Reservation services at TCDD Train Station and Stations with 70 staff in 272 workplaces for 9 months. (01/04 / 2012-31 / 12/2012) 3 - Our purchase stated above The tender was submitted to the tender with the Open Tender Method by receiving offers from the tenderers, and the documents requested to participate in the tender are specified in the tender document. 4 - The proposals have been submitted to the Head of TCDD Enterprise General Directorate of Goods and Services Procurement and Tender Commission until 16 on 03/2012/10.00. 5 - The tender document can be viewed at the General Directorate of Order, General Directorate of Materials, TCDD Plant, Department of Materials. Those who will bid on the tender are obliged to purchase the tender document and can be obtained from Ankara Central Bank of TCDD Enterprise in Ankara at a price of 200.-TL including VAT. 6 - At least 3% of the bid price will be given a temporary guarantee. 7 - This tender is not subject to the law numbered 4734 and 4735, excluding penalties and prohibition provisions. -DirectFN News Center- I haber@directfn.co http://www.directfn.com.tr, http://www.directfn.com, http://www.duinvest.com.tr

Source: TCDD

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