And the Olympic Games Paralimlik, if done in Turkey to ease transport rail systems.

We are 5 minutes ahead at the Olympic

Sports Minister Suat Kılıç announced the money to be spent on transportation in Istanbul on the way to the 2020 Olympics as 12 quadrillion. “The maximum distance traveled 30 minutes has been determined. We reduced it to 25 minutes. ”

They're adored.

Kılıç mentioned a big investment in transportation. He said: “Our Metrobus system and Marmaray plans stunned our foreign guests. They were amazed by the rail system that would pass under the sea. Maybe if you try to do so much transportation investment for the Olympics, it would not be possible. You cannot allocate approximately 12 quadrillion, or approximately 7 billion dollars, to the transportation of the Olympics. But we would already make Istanbul transportation investment for our people. Therefore, we became the city that allocated the highest share among the metropolitan areas that allocated resources to the Olympics. ”
“The population of Istanbul will be 2020 million in 20. In such a city, we reduced the time to cover the longest distance in the Olympics to 25 minutes. The Olympic Committee has set this to a maximum of 30 minutes. It is also noted that this time is reduced to 3 minutes between some Olympic facilities and accommodation venues. ”

The surplus of Istanbul

Minister Kılıç continued as follows: “We will not have a negative evaluation about our competitors. There are so many pluses in Istanbul that it is enough for us to win the Olympics. The candidacy of Rome fell. We expect the Romans to support Istanbul as the civilization traffic is on the same route. ”

It cooks at the Olympiad and falls on us!

He will benefit from the Olympics in other cities. Kılıç elaborated the issue as follows: “Ankara, İzmir and Antalya will assist Istanbul in the football branch in the Olympics. So the Olympic torch will have made a short Anatolian tour. These cities are the places that deserve to contribute to Istanbul with their infrastructure. There are stats for these three cities. But not only for the Olympics, but the stats to be made already. ”

There will be no traffic problems to play rugby in İnönü

Repeating that İnönü Stadium will be held in the same place, Kılıç announced that rugby matches are planned for this stadium in the Olympics. Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who attended the meeting, stated that there will be no traffic problems: “A tunnel will be opened from Fulya. 3. It will merge with the tunnels of the bridge. A metro system covering the stadium will be built. Other rail systems and sea transportation are already available.

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