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A word sometimes conjures up how many things it is. Sadness, grief, separation, loneliness, longing become one word, “foreign” comes out of our mouth. It is far away from silage, spouse, friend, son… It is to miss every moment… Loneliness, fate, sorrow is often… To work for the better is to struggle, but also to pay for it in the long nights that pass away from their loved ones.

As in the verse of the gospel poet Kemalettin Kamu ş
Gurbet is so bitter, what is inside me
They're all alien to me
What a desire, what should I take, an injured hand
I'm not sure I'm in Turkey.

After the First World War, Western European countries entered a rapid development process in order to revive their industries and economies that had been hit hard. In this context, Germany also recruited workers from some countries, including Turkey, in order to eliminate the labor shortage that had grown like an avalanche.

Between Turkey and Germany signed in October 13 1961 "Turkish Labor Agreement" with Turkish migration to Germany first began working.

Trains in Sirkeci are now departing to move Turkish expatriates to Germany. Those who came to greet were sending their relatives, hopes, and half of their hearts. The departures were separated not only from their loved ones but also from their homeland. The drums were being driven by the zurna, as if going to the army, pouring water behind them tren come and go like water inin, Someone's mother, father, someone's wife, her cub, some of them were shaking hand puppies until the train disappeared san Whistle whistle playing when the train moved It was his last scream.

Turkish workers took the train from Sirkeci Garage and departed for Germany, which they later called the ı Bitter Motherland Türk.

They left their beloved land behind, and their loved ones fell on the road for the sake of bread. The last place where they stood their feet in the land of the motherland, hugged their loved ones, shed their tears and promised to return one day was always Sirkeci Garıydı.

In 1961, the 50 year has passed since the first expedition train dropped the farewell whistle. Not many of them went to another country, not even a different city. They were going to live in a country where they didn't know their language, their customs, their people. Wooden suitcases with a dream of a happy future were boarded on the train mutlu

The train goes from Sirkeci,
Wagon goes, I'd say.
I'm gettin 'on my own,
I'm going to take the yogurt.
A. Akbaş

Expatriates, who had taken the train from the plains where their ancestors were riding, were going to the door for bread money. His intention was to earn a lot of money and return home, to live comfortably. All what if they could not have found it here in Turkey, I had imagined that they would earn by working. Because wherever they were in the world, ”the fallen ones Çünkü looked for the lost paradise.

Starting from the Sirkeci station and the 3 day-long journey, the train arrived at the station in Munich. He stepped on the red carpet as soon as he got off the train. The band was met by the harmonica and the first ones. In the first step of the new life, the workers were separated according to the cities they were going to, and they continued their journey by buying their tickets and their food.

They worked the hardest, hardest jobs. The success of the rapidly developing and strengthening of the industry of Germany have signed with the success of this. Over time they took root in the locals. They brought their families in the country, they got married, they had children, they had grandchildren.

"Alamanc in Turkey", among Turks in Germany "expatriate" as referred to Turkish workers, first by the Germans, "Gastarbeiter (guest workers)", then "Auslaend the (foreign), currently in" Mitbürg is (citizens) "to be called they keep going.

Germany A German citizen was some of our workers leading to a two-year, he settled there, with whom he was unable to return to Turkey homesick precise. They had a lot of difficulties, they worked hardest. Their only purpose was to create a beautiful future for their families. There were many successful ones.

How many people have so many stories they say… This eye bitter homeland de adventure has been a lot of experience, maybe the subject of unfinished story… Stories, life, adventure kadar

What happened to the Black trains in this 50 year? They're still moving from Sirkeci station. Although the colors are no longer in the land, the roads are still the same artık

But there is no expat on Sirkeci Train Station.

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