Mule Rail System Coming to Nemrut

Giant statues where 2 thousand 206 meters high Mount Nemrut summit in order to easily reach the rail system will be installed. Mules will take wagons, elderly and disabled people will be carried to the summit.

A two-kilometer rail system will be laid on Mt. Nemrut, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The "Commagene Nemrut Focus Tourism Revitalization Project", which was prepared with the partnership of the Adıyaman Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and the Middle East Technical University, is entitled to receive grant support under the European Union Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). With the project, environmental arrangements will be made on Nemrut Mountain. In this context, a rail system will be installed in order to easily reach the summit of 2 meters high, where giant statues are located. Elderly and disabled people will be carried to the summit with the wagons of mules.

Pointing out that middle age and older groups participate in cultural tourism, the Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Mustafa Ekinci stated that disabled people and elderly people climbed to the top by mules, but the path was not very healthy. Stating that they will establish a rail system for the disabled and the elderly to be easily transported, Ekinci said: “A 2-kilometer rail will be laid on the west terrace from the point where the hiking begins on Mount Nemrut. There will be two rails going and going. We will have 6 wagons, each acting independently and able to work simultaneously. It will attract two mules each. A paralyzed mechanical engineer prepared the prototypes of the wagons considering all the needs of a disabled person. Pedestrian walkways will also be organized. The mountain climbing distance is 800 meters. Since it is in a difficult geography, it takes about 20-25 minutes. With the rail system, the summit will be reached in a shorter time. This system will be the first in the world. People with disabilities and middle-aged people abstained or did not come here. With this project, such a problem will disappear. ”


Stating that 500 thousand tourists came to Adıyaman, which is the center of faith and cultural tourism, and that 47 thousand people visited the Mount Nemrut, 80 thousand foreigners, Mustafa Ekinci said that they gave great importance to the culture tourism of the Far East countries, they carried out promotional activities in this context and at least 2012 percent growth they expect expressing Ekinci number of foreign tourists at the end söyledi.50 they expect very serious tourists from Japan, Mount Nemrut is a great tourism potential is emphasized, he said: "Turkey 3 million tourists arrived in the period in Cappadocia and Nemrut 100 thousand tourists came to. In 2011, 30 million tourists came to Turkey. 2,5 million tourists visited Cappadocia and 80 visitors to Nemrut. According to my projection, Nemrut can attract at least 2,5 million tourists. Infrastructure is very important for this to happen. ”

Source: TimeTurk



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