MUSIAD Bursa Branch Has Agenda In Urban Railway Systems

MUSIAD Bursa Branch held the first Kurul Sector Board Presidents Meeting sı this year. Bursa Branch is preparing to bring an important issue to the country's agenda in 2012.

Speaking at the opening of the first “Sector Boards Presidents Meeting” of MUSIAD 2012 held at Holiday Inn Hotel, MUSIAD Bursa Branch Chairman of the Board, Hasan Çepni, said that the sector boards are the dynamo of MUSIAD. Stating that they have signed the issues that set the agenda of the country during the last 2 years, Çepni said that they played a determining role in the country's agenda with the Made In Turkey meetings in Automotive in 2010 and the "Domestic Production in Urban Rail Systems" meetings in 2011, and the sectoral meetings that will set the agenda in 2012. He stated that they are preparing to sign. MUSIAD 13 businessmen representing sectors in the board stating that Çepni, they continue to keep the pulse of all sectors of this industry and the establishment Scholarship to study both the public and also said that Turkey shared with the public. Stating that the most important resource in the dynamic structure of MUSIAD is the sector boards, Hasan Çepni said, “MUSIAD is an institution with the most dynamic structure among all NGOs, although it operates the sector boards well. The most important source of nutrition for this institution is our sector boards. Together with the sector boards, we keep the pulse of the business world, update the field information in very short time intervals and share this with both its members and the state administrators ”. TURKEY WON with BURSANIN PROJECT "behind inherently You müsia closed doors, do not do short passes studies," said MUSIAD Bursa Branch President Hasan Çepni, "müsia you the difference does not make short moves studies behind closed doors, projects are donated to the country. We put forward the situation at the sectoral board meetings. The prepared reports were delivered to Ankara. Turkey won with this work. We care about the sector boards both for ourselves and for our country. Because we are people who earn our income with the sweat of our minds ”. Çepni, who said to the chairmen and representatives of the sector boards, share the problems you identified with us in these meetings, “The best way to remove the obstacles ahead and in front of you by sharing the problems you have identified in your sectors with us is through here. We will study well. It is our duty to convey the analyzed issues to the necessary authorities. You are working to contribute to the work of your industry, and Turkey, "he said. Aytekin Koç, Head of Sector Boards of MUSIAD Bursa Branch, said that the projects they brought to the city and country agenda in the past years will start to bear fruit this year. Coach, "particularly those who will be the first museum in Turkey chemistry and chemistry issues in ASD will begin receiving fruit this year. The first of a new era in Turkey also aims to realize the leadership of Bursa Branch and we are planning in this direction, "he said.

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