Metrobus inventor tested the metrobus in Istanbul and found some deficiencies

Enrique Peñalosa, who made a breakthrough in local administration, especially transportation, came to Istanbul to join ArkiPARC when he was the Mayor of Bogota.
Peñalosa, the “Inventor of Metrobus”, had a metrobus experience in Istanbul on Monday, March 26, before the conference.

During this trip, Peñalosa asked his opinions about Metrobus and said, “The system is well-built at first, but it is a big problem to work on a single line. Capacity can be increased by expanding the stations where buses stop. Later, cross lines that can reach every point of the city can be created. ”

TransMilenio, the intellectual father of Metrobus, was created by Peñalosa inspired by the bus-based transportation system in the city of Curitiba. It continues to inspire many cities currently struggling with traffic problems.

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