He Revived Places He Passed In Metro Anatolia.

Kartal- planned to open this yearKadıköy Metro line also flew real estate prices in the neighborhoods where it passes. The price of the apartment of 255 thousand liras in Kozyatağı increased to 355 thousand liras.
It is planned to open on the Anatolian side in the coming months. Kadıköy-Kartal metro line also significantly affected real estate prices in the region. One of Turkey's largest website sahibinden.co Marketing Deputy General Manager Emre Erşahin, 2009 percent of the apartments for sale on the Anatolian side Considering the years 2010-200, the price that jobs go up 4 percent, he said.
In the 2010-2011 period, Erşahin stressed that 77 has decreased by 16 by 10 percent. According to the 2009-2011 compared to Erşahin, 426 sales increased by 13, while the price decreased by XNUMX.
Erşahin, 2009 2010 74 1 comparison of the number of ads in the comparison, the number of rents increased by 2010, 2011 65 1 increase in the number of announcements, while the number of ads increased by 2009 2011, a decline in the number of rents, he said. 187 1 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

High increase in Kozyatağı
Despite this table KadıköyErşahin stated that there is a reverse situation in the districts on the route of Kartal Metro for sale and rentals. We recommend investing in the neighborhoods on the Anatolian side, especially on the metro route. ” Erşahin, according to the data, KadıköyExpressing that there was a significant increase in the prices of apartments for sale and rent in the districts on the route of Kartal metro, compared to 2010, “The highest increase in the prices of apartments for sale was realized in Kozyatağı. The average price of apartments for sale, which was 2010 thousand lira in 255, increased by 2011 percent in 40 and reached 355 thousand lira. ”

Go to Göztepe
Erşahin, who stated that Göztepe was the second district where the prices of the apartments increased the most, were as follows:
“The price, which was 2010 thousand liras in 285 in the district, increased 2011 percent in 35 and reached 385 thousand liras. In Bostancı, the third district where the prices increased the most, an increase of 31 percent was recorded and the average price rose from 245 thousand to 320 thousand liras. An increase of 30 percent was also observed in Kartal, which is located on the route. Price increase rates of apartments for sale in other regions on the metro route Kadıköy 18%, Ünalan 17%, Yenisahra 14% and Maltepe 12%. ”

Rents are on the rise
Erşahin pointed out that the region with the highest number of rents in the metro route was Kartal with 38, and gave the following information:
“The price of the rented apartment in the district, which was 2010 lira in 650, increased to 2011 lira in 900, followed by Göztepe with 22% and the rental price of 900 lira reached 1.100 lira. Kadıköy's center took the third place after Kartal and Göztepe with 21 percent.

Source : ekonomi.milliyet.com.t is



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