Concrete steps have been taken to plan the Western Mediterranean Development Agency for the establishment of a Logistics Center in the region where Süleyman Demirel OSB and the Airport are located. The meetings held with the Ministry of Economic Free Zones General Directorate of Foreign Investments and Services gave positive results. The first serious exam will be held on March 13 for Isparta, who wants to establish a Free Zone in the region where the airline, highway and railway intersect. 2 project heads and 1 project survey specialist from the Free Zones General Directorate of Foreign Investments and Services will come to Isparta and conduct investigations in the region.
Experts from the General Directorate of Free Zones International Investments and Services will also attend the joint mind meeting where this issue will be discussed on the same day. In the meeting to be hosted by TÜMSİAD Isparta Branch, Isparta's Free Zone target will be discussed.
The project, which envisaged the establishment of a Logistics Center in the region where the airway, road and railroad intersects, was also presented to the Deputy Chairman of the TMBB Plan and Budget Commission Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç. Ali Galip Bilgili, Coordinator of BAKA Isparta Investment Support Office, asked for support from the Deputy Bilgiç regarding the legal arrangements required for the Logistics Center Project. An example of the file was given to Bilgiç.


The first step in the establishment of a Free Zone should be taken from Isparta. In the meeting to be held on 13 March, this issue will be discussed. If the experts of the Ministry of Economy give a positive opinion that they can be declared Free Zone, the company should be established immediately. After the Free Zone Operator Company was established with the participation of public, NGOs, professional organizations and private sector, the issue will be referred to the Council of Ministers. Free Zone will be officially established after the approval of the Council of Ministers.


The foundation of BAKA's project for establishing a Free Zone in Isparta lies in the experience of the company, which has difficulties for the hangar investment at Süleyman Demirel Airport and has obtained a license in 4 years. If Free Zone installation takes place, logistics investments will be made easier today. The obstacles to foreign investors will disappear. Within the scope of the Free Zone to be established at the intersection of the airline, railway and highway; -Air cargo -Aircraft maintenance hangars -Air technical schools -Pilot training centers -Railway transportation -Cold air for export of fresh fruits and vegetables -Enhanced investment in processed marble, furniture, dairy products, cosmetics, agricultural machinery can be made. This means that Isparta is the Logistics Center.


It was reported that approximately 1996 companies operate in the aviation, pharmaceutical, logistics jewelery, information technology and mobile phone sectors in the Free Zone, which was established in Dubai Airport in 1300. It is stated that Isparta can also implement the Dubai example, which flies 1,5 million tons of cargo annually.

Source: News 32



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