In Lithuania Bursa, Turkey is known as the industrial capital

Responsible for Transportation of the Republic of Lithuania Vytautas Nauduzas, "Lithuania Bursa, Turkey is known as the industrial capital," he said.

Nauduzas stated that Bursa was famous in production and export during his visit to the Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania, Jolanda Kriskovieciene and Deputy Governor of Bursa Vedat Müftüoğlu.

Stating that they know Bursa commercially, Nauduzas said,

"In Lithuania Bursa, Turkey is known as the industrial capital. Bursa is developing gradually in this sense. ”

Nauduzas stated that the relations between the two countries are not only in the field of trade, said:

“Relations continue in cultural and sports fields. We come from Istanbul. We had some meetings in the field of transportation. We had discussions about the Viking Transportation Project. Our goal and our hope is that Turkey's participation in this project. Turkey may be included in a few points in this regard. We reached the point from EU countries to Belarus to handle customs in just 30 minutes. This result was achieved especially with the work of Lithuanian experts. We want to study the means of transportation in Turkey. Without Turkey's contribution we will fail on many points. "

The Müftüoğlu noting that showed significant improvements in recent years in Turkey, Bursa said that no special place in this development.

Müftüoğlu Voicing is the fourth largest city of Bursa in Turkey in terms of population, while exports in the economy and told us that ranks second.

Therefore, Turkey will be voicing the heavy load of 2023 on the road to Bursa Label Society, he said:

“There are Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir Highway Project and Ankara-Bursa-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project. When these projects, which are planned to be completed in 2015, are completed, the potential of Bursa will reach twice as much today. We attach great importance to the railway. When the railroad projects are finished and Lithuania's transportation project is included, it means that the railway line starting from China, extending from Bursa to Istanbul and Lithuania will be reached. There are important projects on railway. Turkey's west and north and south and east of the high-speed train lines that will connect. Therefore, Turkey is attracting the attention of companies engaged in manufacturing related to rail transport. '

Bursa is Turkey's No. 1, especially in the automotive sector Müftüoğlu stressed, "Our goal is to produce a domestic car in Bursa. We have infrastructure and human resources in this regard, we trust ourselves. In Turkey, the first local tram will be downloaded to the rails with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's participation in the coming days. Bursa will also be a pioneer in light rail systems. 12 metropolitan cities are ready to order immediately. ”

Following the speeches, Nauduzas presented Müftüoğlu with a black-looking ecological bread.

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