Light Rail System 2nd Stage Works Started in Gaziantep Paralyzed Traffic.

2 which was initiated by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in light rail construction. stage work caused traffic problems in places.

Southkent and Karatas around the house and workplace in the morning and evening due to the severely disrupted traffic in the morning and evening expressing their souls, "You can go a distance to the 10 on foot in an hour, you can not reach your vehicle in an hour," he said.
Karatas region to complete the light rail system as soon as the teams are working to be recorded, the ongoing studies especially at the intersection of Private Erdem College traffic paralyzing attention was taken.

Citizens want to solve the traffic problem as soon as possible, hast The problem along the way has a negative impact on people living in the environment, from patients to students. We are waiting for hours on the road where the light rail system is paralyzed, after waiting for hours, we have to go to Kilis road until we realize that we cannot cross the road Hafif.
It was underlined that the study, which was initiated to solve the mass transportation, turned the lives of the residents into a nightmare.

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