Netherlands -Signalization Failure Due to Paralysis of Train Stations.

Life was paralyzed when train services to Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport, the largest city in the Netherlands, could not be made due to a signaling error.

Thousands of people who want to go to the airport and work in the city of Utrecht and Leiden, including a lot of stations in the city has caused clutter. The disruption in the train services affected the road traffic negatively. It was reported that those who set off on the motorways caused long queues because they could not travel by train.

It is stated that most of the 500 thousand passengers traveling by daily train in the Netherlands use the routes where the malfunction occurs.

The Dutch Railways Administration (NS) stated that it is working to eliminate the malfunction caused by technical reasons and the train services are expected to return to normal in the evening hours.

While the railroad company's website has been unable to provide services from time to time due to its intensity, NS advised passengers to be cautious before they set off due to disruptions in train travel, preferring other vehicles instead of train.

It is stated that the taxis in the capital Amsterdam cannot meet the high demand. Newspapers announced that it was impossible to find a taxi, especially near the central station.

Meanwhile, the hitch politicians experienced in train services also mobilized. Opposition parties asked the Minister of Transport to explain the fault.

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