Level crossing cuts off trains to closed neighborhood trains

Izmir Karşıyaka district, citizens protesting the closing of the level crossing stopped access by entering the railway. Izmir Banliyö AS (IZBAN) flights, restarted after approximately 3 st.

Citizens who reacted to the closure of the Schemata level crossing with concrete barriers entered the railway to protest the situation. İZBAN flights to the citizens of the railway closed at noon, the citizens wanted to remove the barricades put in the passage. The residents of the neighborhood, who had announced that the level crossing was closed last night without notice, asked that the promises made by the Metropolitan Municipality be kept.

Upon the action, İzmir Police Chief Ali Bilkay came to the region and met with the citizens. Despite Bilkay's call, the citizens, who continued their actions, evacuated the railway line without the need for intervention after the riot police team arrived in the region. Following the opening of the railway line, İZBAN flights, which could not be done for about 3 hours, started again.

Expressing that they will continue their actions again tomorrow, the residents said, “The pedestrian underpass will be built here. But still it has not been done. Our school is on the other side, our glass is on the other side, how are we going to pass? We want the level crossing to be open until the underpass is built. ” said.


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:59

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