Train crash in Kütahya

In Kütahya, 4 people were killed and 1 people were injured in a taxi in a controlled level crossing.
According to information received, the night, Tavşanlı-Eskişehir engineer Ekrem Elbir 73048 flight number under the direction of the freight train, Kütahya-Eskişehir highway 1. 31 T 43 plate used by Erhan Yavuz (0151), who tried to pass through the barriers in the controlled level crossing at a kilometer, hit a taxi.

Driver Erhan Yavuz Raşit Wing (56) and Musa Ertaş (40) in the taxi were killed at the scene. The bodies were sent to Dumlupınar University (DPU) Kütahya Evliya Çelebi Training and Research Hospital Morgu.

Hanife Mature (41) and Moldovan Zamia Karaeva (31) injured in the accident were taken to the same hospital by 112 Emergency Service teams. While Zamia Karaeva could not be saved despite the intervention, it was learned that Hanife Olgun was in danger.

Kutahya Police Chief Kadir Akbiyik, at the scene by examining the accident took information.

3 hour transport due to the accident closed railway, the train was opened to traffic after being taken to Kütahya Station.

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