Pickup on the Tramway in Konya.

The van hitting the minibus in front of it in Konya was thrown and hit the tramway.
The accident occurred in the central Selçuklu district Nalçacı Caddesi. According to the information obtained, the truck with 32 DZ 42 plate under the direction of Muhammet Selman Yalçın (991) hit the line minibus under the direction of Harun Camcı (30), which was cruising in front of it while approaching the Hacıveyszade Junction. The van, which was blown by the impact, was able to stop by going to the shoulder on the side of the tramway on the left. 3 people in the truck were slightly injured in the accident. While the injured were taken to Konya Numune Hospital by ambulance coming to the scene, the van that closed the tramway was pulled out of the way by the efforts of the citizens. The tramway and Nalçacı Street, which were closed to traffic for a while, were reopened to traffic when the accident van was pulled to the roadside.

Source : http://www.yenimeram.com.tr