Kemalpaşa OSB Target Enlarged, Metro and Logistics Center Wanted!

Kemalpaşa OSB will increase the number of parcels with 361 to 927

Cengiz Beşok was elected as the Chairman of the Kemalpaşa Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (KESİAD) last month. center will become.

Re-legal entity of KOSBİ with the Reform OIZ Law kazanBeşok reminded that he was a legal entity and said, “This is the last chance after the legal entity was canceled 4 times. In this sensitive situation, we all need to be careful. With an area of ​​300 hectares, KOSBİ is one of the largest industrial zones not only in the Aegean but also in Turkey. The current number of parcels is 361. But with the expansion zone, this figure will rise to 927. Considering that there are 338 industrialists in the region at the moment, we can say that only one third of the region is occupied. KOSBİ, which provides employment to 22 thousand people in this state, will provide employment to 60 thousand people when all facilities are established. Earlier in the expansion area, the villagers had annotated for land sales. But at the moment, the parcellation works will continue in line with the wishes of the villagers,” he said.

KOSBİ's industrial facilities after the establishment of the OSB status reminded reminded Beşok, sonra This situation is experienced due to various difficulties. We can only overcome them by acting together with the regional industrialists. The future of the industrialist should not be blacked out. We are the ones who will make the problem zone smooth. The area has no door. Entry-exit is not clear. Difficulties at the junction points on the main road should be overcome immediately. Highways, began to invest in this. It will be a serious relief in transportation, Bit he said.

Mr. Beşok stated that KESİAD is not an executive body but has an important function in transferring the demands of the industrialists to the related institutions. Our suggestions are taken into consideration in solving the problems. One of our important demands is the extension of the metro to our region. Every day hundreds of service vehicles carry personnel from Izmir to the region. Each company has its own or service 2-3 service tool. These are a serious cost factor for companies. Belkahve is shown as handicap for the metro. But it is not a problem that cannot be overcome by today's technical possibilities. This does not mean tomorrow, but today should be on the agenda. Ama

Beşok, who reminded that the works for establishing a logistics center in the region are continuing, ın The establishment of a logistics center and the connection of these railways to ports will make this a center of attraction. In addition, another important need of the region is the permanent exhibition hall. In mixed regions, such places are far more important. The government is working on a new incentive law. We hope that this arrangement will bring special incentives to OIZs. Because in the current arrangement I can not benefit from some incentives, 10 kilometers away, within the boundaries of Manisa another OSB company can benefit from it. In order for the industry to be organized, incentives should be given accordingly için.

Increase the number of target members to 200

Beşok who stated that KESİAD is a member of 127 said, N Considering that 338 is an industrialist in the region, this figure is low. We aim to increase the number of industrialists under the umbrella of KESİAD to 200. Unfortunately, the industrialist is unable to find a solution to his problems in his daily work. We are sending our members to communicate their concerns and demands on the region, even 10 does not return. We aim to ensure that the industrialists in the region are more active in these issues. Yap

We provide trainings according to member requests

Cengiz Beşok, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KESİAD stated that KOSBİ is a mixed region and is home to a wide range of industries. C This has its advantages and disadvantages. Even among the members of the association do not know what each other works. We aim to strengthen the relations between the members by organizing breakfast in the morning to overcome this. In the upcoming period, we will continue our long-term training activities. Every month we provide a training course for forklift operators together with the Public Training Center and certify the 20. We also provide trainings on issues such as worker health, first aid and incentives in line with the demands of our members. Ayrıca

Source: News Real Estate Tower

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