Karabük University, a Principle Signed in the Department of Systems Engineering Rail opening Turkey.

Karabük University, another never be found in a university Rail Systems began providing training in this field by opening the engineering department in Turkey.

2007 professor, 18 associate professor, 2 assistant professor and 6 research assistant in 12, 12 student in 98.

Turkey's first railway systems engineer candidates, in the year 5 will study basic science education in the first year after the year of preparation for the second year basic engineering training, will receive training in the third and fourth years of expertise.

Students will be specialized in infrastructure, geology, soil mechanics, statics and strength of building types, rails, superstructure, basic machine elements, rail vehicle mechanics-dynamics, basic production techniques, railway materials, mechanical vibrations, signaling and control systems.

5 who managed to complete annual training students, as Turkey's first railway systems engineers, the State Railways, according to the research and development unit will be able to be employed in the private sector and area of ​​expertise.

Rector of Karabuk University Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, said in a statement to the AA correspondent about the work of the university, the engineers breeding objectives in this area of ​​Turkey's rail systems meet the needs of engineers trained with sufficient skills and knowledge about technologies, thereby identifying problems, formulating, modeling, and analyzing and solving said that it was necessary to do experimental design and to analyze and analyze the results.

Rail systems in the training given to academic staff have gained experience in this area consists of eminent persons from Uysal stated that, at this time given up railway training in Turkey, said he kept in the forefront of railway operations.

In our country, where high-speed trains have started to become widespread, Uysal stated that they have started to train engineers in this field by determining the technical deficiencies of the railway superstructure and superstructure.

M By using the basic engineering sciences in this field, the systems that constitute the railway infrastructure and superstructure will be improved, developed and applied to existing rail system technologies. Rail systems engineering, construction, electrical-electronics and mechanical engineering is a collection of disciplines. For this reason, it is aimed to teach the basic subjects of these three disciplines in rail systems engineering education and to specialize in certain areas by taking into account the areas where the student is successful in the last grades.

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