Women will be able to drive the Metrobus

A First Female Garage Supervisor in IETT History Has Begun
A First Female Garage Supervisor in IETT History Has Begun

📩 25/02/2023 23:10

IETT drivers of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality bus operation, which attracted great interest from the passengers, are preparing to surprise the Istanbulites at metrobüste.

6 female drivers working in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality bus company attract great attention from the passengers. However, female drivers say that they want to keep their promise and become a metrobus driver as soon as possible.

Kadıköy- IETT driver working in Fenerbahçe flights draws great attention from 6 female passengers. First of all, the passengers who are surprised by the female drivers when they get on the bus, and the satisfaction they receive from the female drivers when they get off the bus. Women who stated that they were successful by participating in the selection by the municipality in the “Woman driver in the Metrobus” project, but still working as an IETT driver while they needed to work in the metrobus, said that they wanted to be a driver in the metrobus as soon as possible. Women drivers working in buses in Erguvan color receive full marks from citizens with their friendly behavior, regular work and careful driving. Stating that he has been a bus driver for 20 years, Zeynep Alemdar said, “I am the bus captain, I have been doing this for 20 years. I was carrying local and foreign tourists all over Turkey. Then came such an offer. From here, we would like to remind our Mayor Kadir Topbaş about his promise. Because we were going to start on 8 March International Women's Day. It's been 2 years, we haven't started yet. ”

Figen Korkutan said, “I am a coach, and actually I just started doing this. We took the metrobus exam with other friends. We won it and we have been waiting for 2 years, we are still hopeful. ” Belkıs Güreli, who stated that female drivers have been working in Adana for a long time and that Istanbul is late, said, “I started working professionally in large vehicles in 2006. I have been driving since 1987. I started by moving staff and students. But at that time, we were not old enough. Now, let me know a little bit about the conditions of life, I love this job. In fact, they used to try to get us out of the way, but as time went on, people got used to us. ”

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