KadıköyThe opening of the Kartal metro line was postponed to July

Kartal- one of the important transportation projects of IstanbulKadıköy The opening date of the Metro was postponed due to prolonged signaling efforts. According to the information received from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality officials, Kartal-Kadıköy Transporting passengers in the metro will begin in July at the latest. The time to open the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line remains uncertain.

-Eagle-Kadıköy Works continue in the subway. Signaling studies of high-tech wagons with driverless use will take another 4 months. In May, it will be handed over to Transportation AŞ and even a new signaling work will be carried out for 2 months. Explaining that they are carrying out meticulous work, IMM officials stated that the integration of smart wagons to be used continues. In the wagons that have the feature of driverless use, the comfort of travel will be at the top level. In addition to the possibility of switching between wagons, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, vibration and sound insulation are also elements that increase comfort. The camera system with fire isolators provides maximum security.

When the 22 km line was completed, it was planned to carry 70 thousand people per hour and 1 million people per day. When the line, which cost $ 1,8 billion, was put into service, Kartal-Kadıköy will be 29 minutes between. In the construction, the world record has been broken and the signaling works continue. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan laid the foundation of the world's fastest excavated line opened in the city on January 29, 2005. Excavation has occasionally reached 150 meters per day. By installing 250 meters of rail per day, 48 thousand 572 meters of length was laid. In fact, 5 million 350 thousand kilograms of rails were used.

Kadıköy-Kartal metro line and Marmaray, Yenikapı- Hacıosman and Otogar-Bağcılar-İkitelli lines are completed, a passenger who takes the metro from Kartal Kadıköy29 minutes to Üsküdar, 35 to Yenikapı, 47 to Taksim, 55 to Otogar, 66 to Hacıosman, 79 to Atatürk Airport and 79 to the Olympic Stadium.


Source: ZAMAN



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