Japanese credit to Uzbeks for electrification of the counter-Termez railway

The Japanese government has allocated 221 million dollars for the electrification of the country's Anti-Termez railway, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), under the Official Assistance to Development Program.

According to the aforementioned privileged loan agreement signed between the Government of Uzbekistan and JICA for the 30 yearbook, the electrification of the Counter-Termez railway with the total length of 325, which will connect the two provincial centers in the south of the country, is envisaged.

The project also envisions the modernization of locomotive repair shops by means of the communication infrastructures on the mentioned railway route, the realization of this project will increase the efficiency of the Counter-Termez railway, save energy resources, and increase the volume of freight and passenger transport going through this route.

As is known, in February, the agreement was signed with the Asian Development Bank to allocate a $ 140 million loan to the Uzbekistan government for the electrification of the Kars-Marakand (Samarkand) railway, which is 100 kilometers long, starting from Tashkent with the realization of these 2 projects in the south of the country, Electrification of the total length of the 831,5 km railway will be made until the Termez city located on the border of Afghanistan.

The Japanese government has allocated a total of 180 billion dollars to the Uzbekistan government, including the 1,2 million-dollar grant support, to date.

Source : I www.gercekgundem.co



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