The demand for Izmir Metro increased.

İzmir Metro The number of passengers increased with the commissioning of two new stations on Bornova line.

In the 10-160 station, the average number of passengers in the 165-3 station was increased to 21 in March on campus and Evka-172 stations. 12 thousand passengers boarded a day from the two stations to the subway.

The addition of two new stations to the Izmir metro between Üçyol and Üçkuyular affected the number of passengers. Total length of 11.6 13.6 kilometers to the 160 kilometer of the average number of passengers per day between the 165-172 thousand passengers, exactly two new stations were put into operation on the first day 30 thousand. The official opening ceremony 2 3 passenger boarding from the campus and Evka-12 stations on the new 3 kilometer in March. Evka-XNUMX station with the introduction of the supply lines will increase the number of passengers more specified.

'We do not have a barrier to the disabled'

IZBAN, Voluntary Disabled Group, the subway car is experiencing trouble with the allegations of protest. Authorities, both visually impaired and provided all the means for disabled people said.

İZBAN officials, "trains between the station and the stationary stairs and the visually impaired people from the entrance of the signal from the entrance to the elevator system is a feature of disabled access to IZBAN," he said.

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