IZBAN: 18 has increased the number of passengers per month from 12 to 150 thousand.

The Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN), which is a partnership of State Railways and Metropolitan Municipality, has increased its daily capacity of 18 thousand passengers to 12 thousand within a short period of 150 months. IZBAN General Manager Selcuk Sert and Deputy General Manager Sonmez Alev said that their goal is to increase the number of daily passengers to 300 thousand within two years. İZBAN General Manager Sert said, “Thanks to the potential created by two distinguished institutions such as the State Railways and the Metropolitan Municipality, such a beautiful project has emerged. the first was held in Turkey in this respect. The central government and local government cooperation with Turkey in terms of such a partnership were seriously in need and was a common model. " said. Despite the fact that İZBAN started operating only 1,5 months ago, Selçuk Sert said that they carried out a devoted work. “The number of passengers we carried in the first month was around 18 thousand daily. Currently, we reach up to 12 thousand passengers daily on weekdays. A year has passed since the official opening. Although we are 150 months of operation, it is a great success to reach 18 thousand passengers a week. We travel 150 times a day, 175 thousand 12 kilometers. We increased the number of our passengers about 275 times. ” spoke in the form. Stating that they carry out two different transportation operations during the day, Sert said, “We work 13 hours a day with the public transportation business we do during the morning and evening hours. The rate of passengers we carry during the day is 20 percent. In a sense, we operate in two different modes. This model has been adopted by the people of Izmir even though it has been a year or so. ” Stating that the partnership of İZBAN is a successful model, Sert said: “Railways also offered their main line management service to the city for the first time. Other provinces are also examining this project as a model. Provinces, such as Kocaeli and Gaziantep, started to work on this system. ”


The project will be extended in the next period, the transfer of the project will be extended Selçuk Sert, "The system, as Aliaga-Cumaovasi on the one hand continues to develop as it was first designed, on the other hand will accelerate the development of the coming days. The project will be extended to the north and south. In this context, Torbalı was also included in the contract. Extension will be completed in the next two years. On the other hand, the infrastructure works for the extension of Selçuk and Bergama districts continue. For this purpose, we initiated the tender process for the purchase of new train sets of 80 units. We will have signed a contract in the coming period. Ön


Stating that they attach great importance to the cleanliness of the trains where approximately 150 thousand people are transported every day, Sert said, “We care not only about cleanliness, but also safety. We have 600 staff. 100 of them provide driving, nearly 100 technical and administrative, the rest provide cleaning and security services. We have the thought of doing something new and not like what we have done before for the system to develop continuously. While we carried 12 thousand people a day, we increased this number to 150 thousand people in a short time, but it does not satisfy us. We think about how to increase this to 200 thousand. For this, we are calculating 300 thousand with new train sets and trips. Despite this, our main target is 550 thousand. We estimate that the city will reach 2020 thousand by the 550s. The number we see ahead of us is 300 thousand passengers daily in two years with the arrival of our new vehicles. In addition, we have purchased infrastructure facilities and vehicles worth about $ 400 million. ” said.

Explaining the establishment of İZBAN, Deputy General Manager Alev said: “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, to the State Railways in 1999, 'If you are modernizing the electrification and signalization of the line, let's build 30-31 stations, modernize the ones, take the trains. and let's operate here in metro standard. ' The project started. Then, with the protocol signed in 2005, State Railways and Metropolitan Municipality started a work on rehabilitation of the line by establishing a joint company and the construction of stations was planned. Within the scope of the project, modernization and two tunnels were given to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. On the other hand, they decided to make the business part of a company they would establish jointly. They foreseen the purchase of this company, İZBAN, the trains. İZBAN gained its corporate identity in 2007. 50 percent of it was founded in partnership with TCDD and 50 percent of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In the first stage, 33 sets of electric commuter trains were purchased. Later, construction works were completed and the trains were brought and put into operation in August 2010. During the trial period, we first commissioned the north line. We put Menemen and then Aliağa into service. ”


Sönmez Alev stated that the number of passengers they carried in 18 months corresponded to carrying all of Izmir 40 times in a year and added, “We carried all of Izmir 40 times in a year. There are studies that both enlarge and improve the system. One of them is the transfer system. For example, transfer in Halkapınar or other places. We know the current density of Halkapınar. That density will always be, because that's the key point of the system. Looking at the future, the passenger potential there will increase even more. Our aim is to see these in advance and realize improvement projects. We are considering the development of the powertrain in Halkapınar and another transfer station in Crescent. This will enable passengers from the south to transfer to İzmir Metro in Crescent, and those from the north to Halkapınar, thus reducing the density. The most intense areas of our line are Çiğli and Şirinyer for now. ”


Stating that they are in constant communication with the passengers through the Nurse Communication Center, Alev said, “We examine the wishes, requests and complaints received by us. In addition, we also evaluate the e-mails that come to our contact point on our website or those calling directly by phone. There may be some requests, requests and complaints from time to time. In the recent past, most complaints about the smell in our trains. This was due to the fact that our trains were new and had plastic parts inside. We have taken some precautions for this, currently there is no such problem in our trains. We also put a questionnaire on our stations. In this form, we asked several questions. The survey continues. Some topics will continue to change. We cannot ignore the demands of such a large audience for the satisfaction of our passengers. Currently in İzmir, there is an urban transportation rail system in the metro standard of approximately 100 kilometers. We bought 33 sets of trains, currently 40 sets are expected. We take the second set train very quickly. After that, the third set will be purchased, because the lines will lengthen and the number of trips will increase. ”

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