Rail System Projects Under Construction and Planned in Istanbul

4. Levent-Ayazağa-Atatürk Auto Industry-Darüşşafaka-Hacıosman Metro Line

4.Levent is a line consisting of 6 station which ends at Hacıosman Station starting from the entrance of Sanayi Mahallesi.
Seyrantepe Transfer Center Building with 62.500 m2 session area Seyrantepe Station + metro vehicles consists of warehouse and maintenance area + 3 car park with 2200 floors. Between Seyrantepe Station and Taksim-Hacıosman Line, both direct and indirect flights can be arranged via the Industrial Station in line with the operational scenarios.

Metro Line between Taksim and Unkapanı

After the subway line from Şişhane to the Azapkapı region continues to work on. In the Galata Square, when it is approaching Azapkapı with its approach viaduct in the Galata Square, the works with the Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Council of Istanbul II continue to pass the Genoese Suru which coincides with the metro axis in Yanıkkapı region. In this context, the project was approved by the Board and the project was completed and the project of restoration and restitution was completed.

The projects related to the Golden Horn Bridge are approved by 06 (2005) XNUMX.
work has been completed. Haliç metro bridge crossing was removed from Taksim- Unkapanı construction tender and re-tender was made and the place was started to be delivered to the contractor. The architectural, static, electrical and mechanical design of the Haliç Metro Transition Bridge has been completed. 16 pieces on the land and 4 pieces on the Golden Horn have been completed.

Metro Line between Yenikapı-Unkapanı
Yenikapi Train Station

It is the largest and integrated station of the metro system in the project. Constructs to be constructed as open-close structure
The platform has a platform and it is planned to be a common station of light rail and metron. Also tube passage
parking for passengers and 650. The connection of the Light Rail System to the Yenikapi Station in Aksaray is also included in the project. LRTS Aksaray Station and Yenikapı Metro Station are 625 m. 21 10-11 in the archaeological excavations carried out so far in Yenikapi Station. century wooden boat wreck was encountered. The transfer of the 17 to the desalination pool was completed. The studies for the remaining 4 are carried on by the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Properties of Istanbul University.

KadıköyEagle Eagle Line

The total length of the system is 21,66 Km and it is constructed as underground drilling tunnel. Along the route
16 underground stations (Kadıköy, İbrahimağa, Acıbadem, Ünalan, Göztepe, Yenisahra, Kozyatağı, Bostancı, Küçükyalı,
Altayçeşme, Maltepe, Gülsuyu, Cevizli, Hospital, Soğanlık, Kartal). The system is capable of carrying 70.000 passengers in the same direction within one hour and is expected to serve over one million passengers per day.

Bus Terminal - Bağcılar (Kirazlı) Light Metro Line

The Otogar-Bağcılar-Kirazlı light rail system is the western extension of the light rail system operating between Aksaray and the Airport as a two-way system with an 5 meter to serve the 5.600 station. The maximum capacity of the system is 35.000 passenger / hour / direction.

Otogar-Bagcilar Line with a length of 5,6 Km and a station of 5 (Esenler-Menderes-Çinçin-Bağcılar Center-Bağcılar Kirazlı); The bus terminal is constructed as the first stage of the Ikitelli Olympic Village line and as a continuation of the existing Aksaray-Esenler-Otogar line. The construction of the 5,6 Km between Otogar and Bagcilar is under construction and the whole system is planned to be completed within 2011.

Otogar-Bağcılar Light Rail System line; The existing Aksaray-Esenler-Airport line by Esenler and Bağcılar Central station Kabataş-Zaltburnu-Bagcilar Tramway Map 13. KadıköyEagle Metro Line Map, 200 Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Line Work will unite, integration of the rail systems will be achieved with the completion of the Taksim-Yenikapı metro project. Bağcılar-Mahmutbey-İkitelli- Olympic Village Metro Line Bağcılar-Mahmutbey-İkitelli Olympic Village Metro Line Construction works are continuing and the whole system is in 2011.
It is intended to be completed.

Starting from Bağcılar (Kirazlı) station and going to İkitelli Güney Sanayi station, it was divided into two and passed under the organized industrial zone to Başakşehir; from the South Industrial Station to the Olympic Park.

This line with a length of 15,9 Km; 11 station (Mahmutbeyİstoç- İkitelli Güney Sanayi-İkitelli Sanayi 2-İkitelli Industry-Başak Houses 1-Başak Residences 4-Halkalı 80 90 70 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

With this line, the integration of Aksaray-Bağcılar Light Line Line, integration of sea transportation and rail system with the completion of Bakırköy İDO-Bağcılar Metro Line, integration of Marmaray with the completion of Yenikapı-Bakırköy Line, and Üsküdar and Kartal, Olympic Park and İkitelli '. access to rail systems will be provided.

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