TCDD Purchasing Manager Yakup Guven said: Railways in our country not only in freight transportation, but in the defense industry there is a difference in the railroads ın.

Following the confidence statement, he said: “It is aimed to increase the share of the private sector in railway management to 50 percent. Nearly half of the railroads that have made a great effort to complete the signaling of the non-signal rail lines have been signalized and the work continues on the remaining lines. Our goal is to control all level crossings, to improve the fleet of railway (pulling) vehicles, to carry 200 million tons of cargo; To develop transportation corridors of Istanbul-Bursa, Istanbul-Kars-Tbilisi-Baku-Caucasian-Samsun, Istanbul-Aleppo-Mecca, Istanbul-Aleppo-North Africa. To connect directly to organized industrial zones and to all major production centers. There are 6 TCDD logistics centers in our country, one of which is TCDD logistics village in Gelemen, Samsun, the number of which will be increased and become more effective. ”

Source: Yenişafak

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 16:45

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