Silkworm is in Konya before Bursa.

The first world brand of Bursa Ipekböceği tramway; Before the Bursa avenues will be in Konya. The delegation from Konya Metropolitan wants 20 to be an emergency 90 wagon. This was the first order for Bursa wagon,

There are three big automobile factories in Bursa. This naturally makes Bursa the center of the automotive industry.
It also prioritizes Bursa for the production of “domestic cars için by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Bursa will be the address of the New York Taxi project produced by Karsan and exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show.
Durmazlar, which produces sheet metal cutting machines for the industry so far, produces the first domestic tram car with the guidance of the Metropolitan Municipality.
The project is carried out in Bursa, the first domestic tram and the local tram.
This is Bu
Turkey is the world's trams producing 6. The country, Durmazlar, also produces the tram 7. company.
Produced under the name Ipekböceği, some spare parts are supplied from global companies naturally, the tram was exhibited last week in Istanbul at the Rail Systems Fair and attracted great attention.
In some cities, yapıl Bursa has succeeded in doing this ”has caused discussions.
Then ...
It was the first buyer to the tram produced under the name Ipekböceği.
A team from Konya Metropolitan Municipality came to Bursa yesterday and made researches in Durmazlar where the tram was produced.
After all ...
The wagons he uses require the new tramcar wagon 90 for the aging Konya Metropolitan Municipality system. 20 of this order is requesting the wagon section.
Negotiations started between Producer Durmazlar and Konya Metropolitan Municipality.
Ipekboğce's international tests need to be completed. He is expected to end next month.
In short…
Bursa from the first world mark next to it and we prides itself as the first domestic silkworm cars produced in Turkey, prior to the birthplace of the street is likely to go to Bursa and Konya street rails.



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