British Pursue the 45 Billion Dollar Railway

British railway sector until 2023 45 from 26 billion dollars with an investment of thousand kilometers of railways landed in Ankara, Turkey plans to share large bowl.

Turkey's western learning 2023 45 billion dollars to supply up to transfer the railways sector giants eye turned to Turkey. The Turkish Railway Sector Trade Delegation started negotiations with the Turkish Ministry of Transport and TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman. UK railway industry trade delegation to Ankara due to the Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) by the conference held in ASO United Kingdom Ambassador David Reddaway, the fastest growing railway sector in Europe, England, the production capacity, infrastructure, engineering, services, consultancy in terms of much said. Reddaway'a, share their experience in the rail sector, they found the opportunity to work with partners in the quest for the railway sector delegation from Turkey will also hold talks in Ankara told Britain. Reddaway'a, also in the railways sector cooperation between Turkey and Britain, he said he hoped to be reflected.

goverment policy

TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman, the development of Turkish railways, which is considered as the state policy, the ministry of the 2023 year by the ministry said that the next 11 45 billion dollars a year in the railway sector to be transferred to a source said the decision. Karaman, 11 thousand kilometer rail network in the country's 70'ın renewed the percentage, requiring heavy maintenance of the 30'in said the renovation work will be done. double line of Railways, Karaman explaining that the electrification and signaling, in more than half of the line diesel that works in Turkey, he said they should be converted to electric. Carrying out the Marmaray and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, Karaman said they wanted to implement the Silk Railway from Beijing to London. 'The Asian-European railway transport corridor will be made more efficient. The east gate of the Silk Railway is Beijing, and the west gate is London. All our work is done by accepting the main spine of this line Tüm. Approximately 4,5 billion-dollar investments continued annually, Karaman said, adding that investments will continue. The first railway line of the 470-kilometer Izmir-Aydin line between the dates of 1856-1912 by the British said that Karaman, the UK for the post-graduate education in the field of railway students said. DLH Infrastructure Investments Deputy General Manager Metin Tahan 2023 a thousand kilometers high-speed train until the government 10, 4 thousand kilometers of conventional and 11 thousand 400 thousand kilometers of existing lines to reach the network is aimed to reach a thousand kilometers said.

Chester Project

Ottoman-American Development Company from the USA-Canada partnership group is the project that gives the privilege of operating the railway construction and surrounding mines in Eastern Anatolia. US Colby M.Chester 1911 to establish a railway line between Sivas-Van and later on to Mosul and Kirkuk with a side line and to extend this line to Yumurtalık (Adana) on the Mediterranean coast. found attempts. In return for these works, the company's proposal for the right to operate 99 annually for all mines, including oil, was accepted and a preliminary agreement was made. In November of this year, Colby M.Chester's son A.Chester came to Ankara and re-launched his proposals. Although it was approved by Parliament in April 1922, the project could not be implemented due to the inability of Mosul and Kirkuk, and the Parliament terminated the contracts in December 1923.

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