Hundreds of Passengers, Safety for Women.

The female vatman, who has only 8 people in Gaziantep, contributes to the family budgets by carrying hundreds of passengers every day.

The women working in the Light Rail System belonging to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality said that they loved their jobs. Stating that they provide transportation to hundreds of people safely by using tram, the female vats stated that they both showed what they could do and contributed to their family budgets. Stating that they are especially welcomed by the women, the vatman explained that they used the tram safely and slowly.

Beyza Atmacalı, the mother of 1 child who says she has been working as a female vat for about 1 year, said, “If we think that women work in a slightly heavier environment in the society where women and men work equally, we use tram. We are 8 female friends here. There are some aspects of the job that are not only enjoyable but also difficult. Our people of Gaziantep started to get used to us. The ladies and families getting on the trams we use are more confident. As part of the rail system in Gaziantep

I am proud to work. Apart from the success of our drives, he should be careful with his citizens. ”

Semra Marble, the mother of 2 children who said that they love doing their job, said, “Can I do it when I first hear that the tram will come into service? I thought. We have come here by overcoming all difficulties. I am very happy to work in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality light rail system. Our job is as much fun as it is hard. I congratulate International Women's Day here. At least I think I have economic freedom. March 8, which led to the issue of women's problems more intensely.
so I want all women to apply for such courses and take their economic freedom. I am a mother of 2 children and my wife has great support in this regard. When we first started, we were interested in everyone. All the ladies congratulate us on doing a hard job. As a female vatman, we are more careful. ”

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