The cable car is being installed more comfortably to the caves of Hira and Sevr

Hajj and Umrah for the worship of the most visited by visitors to Saudi Arabia Hz. Mohammed's two caves in Mecca, the cable car system is established.

Abdul Aziz Saroji, President of the Institute of Pilgrimage Studies, Ümmül Kurra University, and the Hira cave on the Jabal-i Nur mountain where the angel of revelation Gabriel Gabriel (AS) brought the first Qur'an verse. Muhammad Hz. It was reported that a cable car system would be set up in the Sevres cave on the mountain of Sevres where he was hiding while emigrated to Ebubekir and Medina.

The authorities, acting on heavy demand, said that thanks to the ropeway system that will be established within two years, visitors will reach both caves more easily from the Kaaba area.
Those who want to visit the caves surrounded by steep and steep rocks have reported that every year dozens of people have lost their lives and the ropeway system will provide great convenience and they can go to the Hira cave at the 800 meter at the 300 meter and the elders can easily go.

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