Light Rail System Can Change Everything.

"Light rail system" said İbrahim Bulut, Editor-in-Chief of Adapazarı Newspaper.

There were serious pessimism about the fact that it was not explained as it was first described. However, the fact that the light rail system will be implemented in the 2012 year in the city center with the New Terminal and that the target is taken a step further has not changed the perspective of ı why not X?
Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu said yıl 2012 will be the year of Sakarya ı. But on the other hand, we wondered whether or not he would stay at all. We realized that Sakarya was in a tight year with the projects explained in a short time. However, the disclosure of some projects brings an even greater expectation. It just doesn't feel enough to be explained. People who want to learn their routes immediately, naturally.
We see that the Metropolitan Municipality insists on resolving the traffic problem of Adapazarı and Sakarya. I personally believe that the new traffic will speed up further in the city center with additional arrangements, even though it is not yet at the desired level. In this context, the fact that minibuses and minibuses were to be lifted gradually would bring many problems, and in the future, they would emerge as a necessity of more contemporary life.
It is natural that the Metropolitan wants to increase its share in transportation. But here is a nuance. He also increases the share of transportation (greater than the metropolitan) brings with it the renewal. What do you mean renewal? Taking new buses, for example, is a good example. Instead of the cumbersome and very noisy buses of the old, low-entry and economic measures as well as good brand buses are taken. There is a truly huge difference between 10 years ago and today, we cannot deny it.
The number of in bellows lü buses, which are gradually activated, is increasing. We've learned the latest 4 bellows bus. There are also those who believe that the bellows bus will have a negative impact on city traffic. Although I agree, I think that the midibuses carrying a large number of irregular passengers are much more functional. All in all, they have new models and environmental engines. First of all, it can be the reason of the experiments which are made for the future.
However, we cannot solve the transportation issue completely with the bus system. The metropolitan lı light rail system ş, which knows well this way, has put Sakarya in the agenda.
We look forward to the first study. There's more time ahead of us. However, with the new terminal in the city center will be applied for the first time in the future to become a common means of transportation, like all Sakarya people excitedly I want to be.
If you remember; Speaking at the Adapazarı District Council Advisory Council Meeting, Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu said, l Our work on the light rail system continues at full speed. In 2012, we have taken the first step between the new terminal and the existing railway station and then trying to build a light rail system in the Yenikent area. X It is not possible to have an empty back. Secondly and in my opinion, popüler Yenikent kav, which is determined as the real route, will be provided with the popularity it deserves for a long time.
Which way the light rail system will use in Yenikent route is not very important. You can even go in the cottage section. The important thing is to implement this project very quickly. My guess can be started in 2013. I can see that the investments made in Yenikent have not yet increased their interest in Yenikent. But my guess is that this process will not be long. The recreation of the Çark Creek edge in the summer residence continues. The face of Yenikent road changes completely. Parks and social areas are built instead of old long fields. In the coming 4-5 year, Yenikent is likely to be a N phenomenon Ön. Although it seems to be away from those days, it will not take long for the ones who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
I used to travel a lot to Eskişehir. The rail system had not yet arrived in Eskişehir. Porsuk River passing through the middle of the city, as well as giving an incredibly bad image with the smell of the nose could easily break the pole. However, the Porsuk River was rehabilitated in a very short time. Porsuk Tea is not like Çark Creek, but for those who do not know. Once you're in the middle of Eskisehir really. We are not from the coastal neighborhoods of the city like Çark Creek. Also its size is too much to compare with Çark Creek. Eskişehir built a new u Venice çöz by solving this terrible problem in an extraordinary way. In addition to cafes and fishermen, many bridges were built around Porsuk. Now Badger adds to the beauty of Eskisehir. Then they started the rail system from behind. Eskişehir today is obvious. It was really a beautiful and advanced city of Ionian city.
I mean, he can do it successfully in Sakarya. Okay, maybe there's not much to do for Cark Creek, but we can make the most of it. Also, Sakarya is really a center for the light rail system. The reason is quite simple, once the city center is completely flat except for a few areas. At least the light rail system at the beginning level can wrap up the city as a web of power without much difficulty. The Yenikent region is made up of high hills and hills, but there are light rail systems produced according to that type of terrain.
As a result, the face of Adapazarı city center and especially Yenikent can be changed in a short time thanks to the light rail system. I hope we can start witnessing this change as soon as the announced projects do not fail. İn

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