Havaray Proposal to Gaziantep.

Energy Bir-Sen Gaziantep Branch President Ali Yücel suggested that the traffic problem of Gaziantep can only be solved with the havara.

President Yücel said, "Starting from the thought that Gaziantep deserves the best of everything; We have already shared with the public Turkey's first extensive energy museum to date of our proposal to open in Gaziantep, Gaziantep deputy Our lack of showing interest other than Mr. Halil Mazıcıoğlu I express our gratitude to our Congressman because of lot of attention düşündürücüdür.enerj Museum to our proposal on our part.
The fact that our suggestions and offers did not attract attention did not restrain our belief that our citizens deserve the best of innovations and services, on the contrary, it further strengthened our opinion and led us to share HAVARAY with the public, which will solve the traffic and transportation problem of our city to a great extent. " said.
“In the current tram application in Gaziantep; The traffic problem of our city will be solved to a great extent by including all of the roads occupied for the tramway and stops for the vehicle traffic with the implementation of HAVARAY. Energy Bir-Sen Gaziantep Branch President Ali Yücel said, “In HAVARAY application, passenger loading and unloading process will be done by means of elevators and escalators.
In our city, while the existing tramway application and road access facilities are limited, HAVARAY will be able to travel to University-Beykent-Gazikent-Başpınar-Karataş-Seyrantepe-Oğuzeli routes and many points of the city center in the first place. to be included in the system.
This application will solve the problem of Gaziantep's public transportation to a large extent, due to fast transportation and low fare tariff in a short time the most preferred transportation and travel of our people will HAVARAY.
Our roads will be narrowed for tram application, and our city will be allowed to deteriorate in the surrounding fabric, while at some points, the narrow roads will be expanded with HAVARAY and our landscaping will be redesigned.
"It will be more beneficial to put the HAVARAY system into the service of our people, regardless of the cost, by ending the tram application that upset the traffic problem of Gaziantep as soon as possible."

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