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Gaziantep Tram: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asım Güzelbey said that the tram is important in terms of transportation and said, “After completing all the backbones of the tram, we aim to carry 100 thousand passengers daily.”

President Güzelbey said in a statement that they are working to create the tram in other regions. Stating that the transportation problem in the city will be overcome after the tram has started in other regions, Güzelbey said, “We are making the 2nd stage of the light rail system in Karataş with great speed. After doing this, we hope that the number of passengers we carry will triple. As you know, Karataş is a new settlement area. It is usually a place with university students. In addition, other population people live in Karataş. We have serious problems about the connection of Karataş to the city. Because, some wrong plans made before make the connection of Karataş difficult. Here we see the solution of this as a tram. We believe that we will complete Karataş's tram on the target date. ”

"After that, we have one more goal left in our period," said Mayor Güzelbey. "Our goal is to run the tram in the Ibrahimli region. As a result of an agreement we made with the State Railway, we planned to make a line from the train station, gardan GATEM-Gazikent, Küsget and on the other hand to the organized industry. We signed the protocol for this in 2010. Now our negotiations with the State Railways continue. If this line is completed, Gaziantep will be built with a railway network of approximately 100 kilometers. We've done 15 kilometers so far. If we include the Karataş line, it will be 22 kilometers. If we say Ibrahimli at 8 kilometers, it goes up to 40 kilometers. Then, when we built GATEM-Gazikent, Küsget and Organized Industrial Zone, there will be a serious relief in the transportation of Gaziantep at that time ”.

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Stating that they were criticized for the fact that the tram is in a certain part of the city, Mayor Güzelbey said, “It is true that the tram is in a certain part of the city, but I compare it to a skeleton. So far, we have made only the backbone of a human skeleton by tram. We have to wear the arm and leg of this spine. If we only target the spine, it will not be possible to walk. Karataş and İbrahimli stage are one of the arms of the spine, GATEM-Gazikent, one of the Küsget legs, organized industry

the other leg becomes. Then we will achieve a certain goal in the tram. We aim to carry around 100 thousand passengers a day by exceeding the current number of passengers. We thank the people of Gaziantep who support the tram. ”



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