The 2nd Stage of the Rail System in Gaziantep is Planned to Open in June.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Asım Güzelbey said, “We are planning to open the 2nd phase of the rail system in June”.

Güzelbey said in a statement to AA correspondent that transportation has a major problem in Gaziantep, as in all cities.

Transportation in the 8 annual service during the period stated that they can not achieve the desired success, said:

“If they say give me your 8-year work report, I'll give the lowest grade to transportation. We could not reach our target in transportation. I say this as my sincere confession. There are many reasons for this. But especially, the troubles we had with the TÜMTİS Union and lasted for more than a year were a disservice to the city. Undeservedly, TÜMTÜS Syndicate turned the city upside down, devastated the people, Gaziantep had to be transported by village buses to an extent it did not deserve. They left the passengers at the stops and left. They devastated our people. We didn't bend over, we stood upright. kazanWe were successful, but as a city, we could not reach the place we deserve in transportation.”

Stating that they continue to work to spread the tram to wider areas, Güzelbey said, “My heart was for the tram to serve in a wider area, but we are 2 years behind. According to our transportation action plan, the completion of the main line of İbrahimli, Karataş and the city was foreseen at the beginning of 2012. We have a two-year backwardness here. Secondly, the union broke our eyes and we were hesitant about buying new buses again. But ultimately, we do a job we decided to do until the end. At the moment, we want to buy 2 natural gas powered buses in the first place, and then buy another 50 and use these buses in the feeding lines of the trams. ”

A citizen sitting in the area Ibrahim, feeding bus and then come to the bus to the government office to transfer the cost of the government office to transfer to the tram after emphasizing Güzelbey, said:

“An average of 60 new vehicles per day enter traffic in Gaziantep. If we do not count the Saturday Sundays, 200 vehicles per month and 15 thousand vehicles per year enter the city traffic. These are very serious figures. As the state of Gaziantep's roads are known, we have made all the overpasses that can be made in Gaziantep. In the remaining part, it is not possible to make an overpass because the physical spaces are not available. In order for traffic to walk comfortably in Gaziantep, some streets should be one-way. For example, we have a project like this in our minds. Let's connect Atatürk Boulevard, Ordu Avenue and İnönü Avenue to a ring. In other words, you took the tram from the front of the university, when it comes to the Agile Force Junction, one line goes to the Rasat road, and the other line turns from Ordu Street to İnönü Street and continues to the Elmacı Pazarı and come to Atatürk Boulevard. But be one-way, because that road does not lift the round trip. For example, if I am going to Atatürk Boulevard, I should be able to go around Ordu Street, İnönü Street and come with a ring, but for this, the Tram should move a little fast. ”

“Today, we look at many places we went that the tram and the highway are looking side by side, they did not separate their ways. As we have separated, we also had to draw wire mesh from the middle. ”Güzelbey continued his words as follows:

“Our human passes without looking around. But of course we had put it for a while, thank God for the first year. After a while, we will remove the wire mesh in the middle. In the next step, we aim to bring the tramway road and road road to the same level, we will reset it, this is everywhere. Then there is a little more relief in traffic. But we are somewhat undecided about whether to do this this time or not, because God forbid two accidents, we think that it will cause us trouble. ”

Güzelbey stated that the project has not yet been fully developed in relation to the other stages, but after the İbrahimli region, 4. and 5. stating that they were working on the construction of the stages, he finished his words as follows:

"4. Gatem, Küsget, Gazikent from the Station Square and Çetinkaya from the Station Square in the 5th stage, 8 February Neighborhood, Beylerbeyi and OSB. All our work on this is ready. Our protocol is ready. We made our protocol with DDY. 3. We will do the Abrahamic stage, money loan is ready. However, the construction of the 4th and 5th stages of Gatem, Küsget and Gazikent, and the infrastructure, construction, rail and wagon of the OIZ will be made by DDY, and we will construct the bridge, underpass and junction, which we call the art structure. We have our money and project about it. We are considering the end of the project we will do with İbrahimli as the beginning of 2014. However, I cannot give the end date of our work with DDY because it exceeds me. The project of the Ibrahimli route will be prepared at the end of this year, and we anticipate completing the construction by the end of 2013. At least, we aim to complete the 3rd stage of the tram in our own period.

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