Gaziantep Light Rail System, which was built by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, completed its first year in service.

Gaziantep Light Rail System, which was built by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, completed its first year in service.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asim Guzelbey, Light Rail storage warehouse in the press conference, the current number of passengers by increasing the number of passengers around 100 thousand said they aim to move.

1th Gaziantep Turkey's population of 400 million 6 thousand reminiscent of the enormous property Guzelbey, expressed that at the beginning of the most important problems of transport as well as in all the big cities.

Stating that Turkey is not in the world seem like a major problem in many parts of the Guzelbey transport, he said:

“We have done different studies to solve transportation. Finally, we switched to public transport and from the public transport to the Light Rail System. As you know, we decided before the Light Rail System. In March 2011, the tram made its first flight in Gaziantep. It attracted great attention from the public. I did not expect the people of Gaziantep to show such an interest in the tram. So far, we carry 5.5 million passengers in our city. This happened only with the first stage. In other words, the distance from the university boulevard to the train station is called the 1st stage and so far we carry 2.5 million passengers on this line. We hope to increase at least 3 times the number of passengers we carry after making the Karataş stage. Karataş is a new residential area. We all know that university students usually sit. We have serious problems about the city connection of the Karataş region. Because some wrong plans before, make the city connection of Karataş difficult. Here we see the solution of this as a tram. ”

Stating that they will complete the tram line of the Karataş region at the targeted date, Güzelbey said that his next goal was to run the tram in the Abraham area.

Answering the questions of journalists, Güzelbey stated that what you attribute to the slowness of the tram - now that the tram goes from Burç Junction to the Station Square in 31 minutes.

Stating that it is possible for the tram to go faster, Güzelbey said, “The tram is in its initial period. We can increase his speed. It is possible to reduce this speed to 20 minutes. But at the beginning, with the Karataş region, we are thinking of reducing the speed of the tram to 26 minutes. When we start the Karataş line, we also plan to remove the intermediate partitions on the tram route. The braids in between divide the city into two, as you know. We have been against this all along. However, in places where the tram would speed up, we had put the intermediate partitions. We see our people getting used to it. With the new stage, we will remove the partition. It will be possible to accelerate a little more. ”

Güzelbey added that he would like to thank the people of Gaziantep who supported the tram and that their next goal was to solve the transportation problem in a way that would suit Büyükşehir.

After the press conference, Güzelbey, together with the citizens, the collective picture was taken.

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