After Eurasia Rail 2012

eurasia rail conference program topics are announced
eurasia rail conference program topics are announced

08-10 March 2012 During the EURASİA RAİL 2012 Fair held in Istanbul, it was seen how important public transport is for rail transportation.

Both the State and the private sector's size of investments in this field and the breakthroughs in technology have begun to hit the targets already. modernization aims high projects.

The fact that the legal obligations in the public and the budget expenditures are within the State rules highlights the fact that the State institutions require cooperation with the private sector for their projects, institutions such as TCDD, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ are already working with domestic / foreign companies in rail transportation projects. The Locomotive and Wagon production services that TÜLOMSAŞ has provided to TCDD for years, TÜVASAŞ's "Passenger wagon production and the ANATOLIAN TRAIN SETS" brought to the rail in cooperation with ROTEM, and other similar institutions have signed many projects confirms this determination. They say we are in this field by realizing their important projects. DURMAZLAR/ SIEMENS is the product of cooperation, Turkey's first light rail vehicle shown as 7 in the world "SILKWORM" is out of the showcased their evidence.

Employees in the public sector According to private organizations, they are subject to a number of Procedures and they are a little more in terms of qualified personnel. they hold technological superiority. The intention of realizing and realizing very large projects, and the fact that the freedom of expansion in the fields of application and business has been created, shows that the breakthroughs will grow even more in the coming periods.

The fact that the Foreign Sector has given importance to the tenders in Turkey is also a long-term and kazanThey aimed to contribute by taking part in a triple process, and at the same time, their efforts to be a part of domestic and foreign investments will accelerate Turkey's targeted breakthroughs. During the fair, it was positive that they increased their contacts with Turkey and the sectors doing business in Turkey, and signed a number of agreements, especially in their developing countries, which had just emerged from the war and were trying to restructure.

In all these processes, it has been started to be expressed that State privatization has become mandatory, and when the discussions and discussions in the programs of the business world are discussed in the visual and written press, the necessity of privatization in the areas where the state facilities are insufficient is emerging. Let's wait and see the results ları shows that we should say.


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