Eskişehir R & D Project Market activity.

Talat Aydın, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, "If we build our train, plane, ship, highway and communication vehicles with an original design, our current account deficit will be closed and we will become a truly developed country."

Aydın, organized in a hotel under the leadership of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO). In his speech at the Eskişehir R&D Project Market ”event, he stated that since 4, serious developments have been made in the highway network, which is within the scope of the Ministry, and that 2003 thousand kilometers have been added to the divided road network, which is 6 thousand 100 kilometers.

Expressing that 75 percent of the railway network has been renewed, Aydın stated that the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication has made an incredible revolution in the field of air, sea and communication.

Aydın expressed the appreciation of the nation for the Ministry's performance with the slogan "Airway will be the way of the people". kazanHe said, “While 2003 airports were open to traffic in 24, 47 airports are open to traffic today, and our construction of 6 airports continues. While there are flights from 2 centers to 10 destinations, today there are reciprocal flights from 7 different centers to 50 cities of Turkey.”

High Speed ​​Train network will be increased to 2023 thousand kilometers by 10, 4 thousand kilometers will be added to the existing conventional lines voicing Aydin, said:

“The duty area of ​​our Ministry was also given the duty of making the urban rail transportation systems of the local administrations. Our Ministry has undertaken the construction of some lines in Ankara and Istanbul. Making the infrastructure adequate is a great success, but not everything. In order to keep the infrastructure effective, efficient and lively, it is also important to develop effective management and operating styles, and to change and develop the structures of relevant institutions. In this context, the Organization Law of our Ministry was changed on 1 November. An organization was created in line with today's needs and future goals. Job descriptions and powers were re-determined. We attach great importance to this. "

"We should make a transportation and communication tool with original design"

Aydin, R & D studies, a rich and prosperous society in the future to mean the bread of the seed, stating, said:

“Our country has made serious moves in recent years. Per capita income has exceeded 10 thousand dollars, but we have a risk and threat. Our foreign trade has a deficit of 110 billion dollars. Our current account deficit is around 70-80 billion dollars. When the sources of this are examined, it becomes clear that our production capacity is behind the consumption in the country. The definition of developed country can be made in many ways, but I evaluate as follows; If a country can produce transportation and communication tools with a unique design and put them into service, that country has developed. If we build our train, plane, ship, road and communication vehicles with a unique design today, our current account deficit will be closed and we will become a truly developed country. The world has become global, but those who work well, work effectively, do their calculations and books well in this global square can achieve a sustainable development. In this regard, our industrialists, our researchers who carry out R&D work, in short, everyone has a great responsibility. "

"In recent years, our government has brought significant incentives in R&D"

Eskişehir Governor Kadir Koçdemir stated that in recent years in R & D in significant incentives brought, "especially entrepreneurs in Eskişehir, universities and industrialists that promote better understanding and respect to benefit from them reveals quite successful work compared to other places in Turkey," he said.

Bursa-Eskişehir-Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) Chairman and Bilecik Governor Halil İbrahim Akpınar as development agency in the region to reach a more competitive industry to support R & D studies reported.

Expressing that BEBKA provided assistance as a result of the projects presented and the evaluations made, Akpınar said that the event in which the transportation sector was handled would be productive.

ESO President Savaş Özaydemir noted that the "Eskişehir R&D Project Market" event brought industrialists together with universities, R&D companies, project experts, finance and consultancy organizations.

Reminding that the issue of transportation systems was discussed in this part of the event, which was organized for the fourth time this year, Özaydemir said, “We expect new collaborations, joint works and mutual support to be formed thanks to this event. The new horizon of the industry in our region will be formed with such events. I wish the event will be instrumental in creating new values ​​in our economy, business world, industry, science and technology fields ”.

President of the ESO After the speeches Özaydemir, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry Deputy Undersecretary Talat Aydin, Eskişehir Governor Kadir Koçdemir, Bilecik Governor Halil Ibrahim Akpinar and Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) Technology Development Project Coordinator, gave a plaque for their contribution to Yucel Telçeken.

Rally of Eskisehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU) will be held at the event. Dr. Hasan Gonen, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TULOMSAS) General Manager Hayri Avci and invited guests attended.

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