Düziçi Mayor Ökkeş Namlı: The Dream of Ropeway


Düldül Mountain to Ropeway Hayalim said some time ago, Düziçi Mayor Ökkeş Namlı said that the coordinates were given for the preparation of the project.

Düziçi Mayor Ökkeş Namlı stated that the dream can be realized with the effective work and the realization of the project. They support them. For the preparation of the project, the coordinates of the starting and ending points of the cable car were asked from the Düldül Dag. With the completion of the project, we will apply to DOĞAKA for supporting such projects. Düziçi Düldül Mountain ropeway means Osmaniye and Düziçi tourism means income, promotion means new business area. Düz

The ropeway is the general name given to the hanging stone which is connected between two places, which are stretched in the air, on one or several steel ropes. The ropeways work with the lift principle, but they can reach very high points from the ground floor, like a helicopter, especially when crossing the valley.

The ropeway is built between the power heights. There are also ones available on a sea or a throat. The places where the ropeways are built are very difficult or too expensive transportation by land, iron and sea. In such areas, the ropeway established between two points is used to carry out human or material transmission. The ropeways where people are transported consist of passenger cabinets hanging on steel ropes.

Source : I www.duzicim.co

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