Yusuf Sünbül: After Thirty-Five Years on the Railway!

Being a railroader is not a job, it is a culture in itself, a working life that requires great sacrifices and a very different lifestyle from the social life of the society.

Gencencik, who has not yet proven his age, has not yet proven his working life, the years that he cannot account for, a life that has passed through this life and he is an element of a life exceeding a quarter of a century spent by pulling out all the realities, difficulties, ordeal and sacrifices of that life. Both Turkey's at the horizon of the railway culture and the professional information given by qualified Railway Vocational School in Oxford, in the direction of both vocational training tasks have forgotten the concept of time in the consciousness, his is the element of labor supplied, knowing that you have to use all his strength to fulfill the requirements of the public service demiryolc of .

Railroad is a lifestyle in its own right, it is the railroad with its family, offspring and even its immediate surroundings, completing the whole with separate working conditions with each unit, the only purpose is to turn that wheel and perform public service.

You know how the holiday of the trainer is like a holiday; do you know how it goes? Can you understand the children whose father is alive and celebrating the feast like an orphan? the head of the house, has become the father of their children, almost everyone feasted with his wife's friends, feast visits to the children tells how to see. It is necessary to see that railroading requires this, the joy of their father who grows up on the last day of the holiday.

I wonder how many times he went on vacation with his family? Maybe one, maybe two, holidays do not cross the fingers of a hand, everyone's holiday time is the working time of the railroad, must move the holidaymakers to the places to go, always take a train as a passenger to take a holiday how strange it comes to people? This moment is the greatest of happiness.

If he did not become a Rail Martyr, if he retired, he is finally experiencing the true feast of his life, and the happiness of having done his duty against this community of 30-35 is worth everything for him. While his children grow up and go by, he desires a happy extended family life that he has dreamed of throughout his life, while watching their ways, he remains a Köroğlu / Ayvaz. He is now a bit happy in the last spring of his remaining life.

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