Railway Transportation Association (DTD)

The Railway Transport Association (DTD) is an association established by companies that carry a railway with 3,5 million tons of cargo per year and aim to increase the share of railway transportation.

Railway Transport Association was established in 6 June 2006 in order to develop railway transportation in accordance with the requirements of the era and the country and increase the share of railway transportation.

The DTD represents an important part of the sector in terms of the quality and transport of member firms.

DTD members carry 3,5 Million tons of cargo per year by rail and effectively use combined transport.

DTD members make investments in wagon purchase, block train driving, new transportation and operation systems; takes new steps in domestic and abroad. Railways restructuring and regulation in Europe has also been a target foreseen in Turkey. DTD aims to increase the share of railway transportation in all modes of transport.

DTD, to increase railway transportation; The restructuring of the railway infrastructure and operation accepts the efforts to harmonize railway laws and regulations with the EU criteria as a sectoral priority. DTD has started international studies on the improvement of railway transportation and necessary structuring. As in all sectoral studies, in railway transportation, the unity, solidarity, belief and determination of the members are required to reach the target. The DTD and its members are well equipped in this respect.

Objectives, Objectives and Studies of DTD

Our integration with international railways networks and the development of combined transport; speed, quality and cost.

DTD member companies and private wagons were transported from 2003 thousand tons in 982 to 2006 thousand tons in 3.664. In the same years, railway freight transport increased from 14,6 million tons to 19 million tons.

Rail transport should increase to a greater extent. For this purpose, the restructuring of the EU, the harmonization of railway laws and regulations and the realization of railway projects are the priorities of the DTD.

The DTD is ready to perform all its works on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, TCDD, the Railway Authority to be established and on the basis of a participatory understanding and in harmony with the public.

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