Does the Land Appreciate When the Railroad Passes?

Ahmet Emin Yılmaz
Ahmet Emin Yılmaz

It is normal to increase the value of roadside land. Because there are facilities in the way. But he doesn't really contribute to the terrain where the railroad passes. On the other hand, the rapid increase in the value of the lands on the high-speed train route started a new discussion Buna

Debate ... Both Turkey in general, all kinds of projects related to cities and regions as well, or we encountered in the development of the internet site as discussed in the technical proposal forums.
Only members on those pages can discuss. The majority of the members are technical man. The site is open to those who have a say about cities and regions.


One of the topics of discussion on this site over the weekend was the tremendous increase in the speed of the lands on the high-speed train route.

The common point of view of the participants is:

Olmaz Railway routes are not like highway routes. It is possible to evaluate the road side of the highway but there is no such a possibility on the railway. Because the train goes by, it doesn't wait. Çünkü
Following this assessment, they ask:

Ist Why is the value of the land on the side of the railway increases when the train wants it, or because it is not possible to stop randomly? “

It's a very interesting subject and a very difficult question.

If you have land on your way, you can make any kind of building because it is easy to access.
In some cases, even in the land sales department can be created. Passengers can stop, relax, shop.


As emphasized in the debate, there is no such a chance on the railway.
The trains stop. If there was no breakdown or accident, it was not seen that a train stopped outside the station. As it is not possible to say bırakmak there will be a descent in the right place ”, bak If we look at that place gibi, it is not tried, and it cannot be rinsed to put a load on the edge.

However Bun

So far, arazi If you take a train crossing the edge of en do not think there are those who say. Because watching the train is not at all enjoyable.

In short Söz

Lands on the side of the railway do not make much sense if they are not near the station. As it is, the increase in values ​​makes people think.
There's a mistake somewhere, but where is it?

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The AK Party Provincial Directorate in Bursa is implementing the project as the Millet Deputy of the Guard Bursa. Eskişehir was named 'People's Day Esk.

One of the important statements made by Salih Koca, the AK Party deputy of the AK Party in the People's Day, concerns Bursa:

I The High Speed ​​Train had the issue of connecting to Gemlik District of Bursa. In the last period, the foundations of the Bursa line were laid. I hope we will connect Eskişehir to Bursa.

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  1. If your field on the side of the train road is not valued, but if your field is not cultivated and harvested without fertility, if your field passes through your field on the train, you can get some money, the railway is not like a highway, it is too much money ... it will be parceled so you are very lucky