Today in History: 16 March 1899 At the request of Il.Wilhelm, between Deusche Bank General Manager Siemens and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

16 March 1899 At the request of Il Wilhelm, a comprehensive meeting was held between the General Manager of Deusche Bank Siemens and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Baghdad Railway.
16 March 1920 The Allied Powers took measures against the Delegation after they officially occupied Istanbul. Mustafa Kemal Pasha wanted the following measures to be taken in his telegram: “The invasion of the Geyve Strait by the national forces and the destruction of the Şimendifer bridge, the arrest of the Allied forces along the line in order to seize the lines and materials of the Geyve, Ankara, Pozanti district, the Anatolian line commissioner in Konya. he would ensure that it was operated immediately by confiscating the trains. ” The bridge between Çiftehan-Ulukışla was blown up. This prevented the French from entering the interior areas.



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