Current Shortage YHT Formula

Current Account Deficit YHT Formula: YHTs that will carry passengers from Edirne to Kars in 8 hours will also be a solution to the current deficit. Fuel costs per passenger for high speed trains are below 1 TL. This cost will be the solution to the current account deficit, which will carry the current deficit in 15 hours of cars and 7 of the busses, which will transport the citizen from Edirne to Kars in 10 hours with 8 thousand kilometers of iron networks. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said that YHT, which now connects Ankara-Konya to 250 hours with a speed of 1.5 kilometers, consumes 400 TL of electricity in one go. The average fuel cost per train for trains with a capacity of approximately 430 passengers is below 1 lira. Authorities underlined that this consumption figure means one in 7 percent compared to the bus and one in 15 percent compared to the car. 2013 At the end of day 50 thousand passengers targeted Istanbul-Ankara line of switching and 2023, up from Edirne to Kars face with the completion of all lines to be transported thousands of passengers yht on Turkey's exposed major war given by the current, all based on imported sources It will also have saved billions of dollars in fuel consumption.

Turkey's current account deficit is shown as the most important factor in energy imports. It is estimated that approximately $ 54 billion of energy imports of $ 33 billion was used for the transportation sector last year. With relatively low cost passengers $ 1 for a long time as yht of Turkey's current account deficit will be given the war against drugs.

TCDD is getting ready to tender in order to purchase the electricity it uses. Officials stated that a specification was prepared in this regard. "Will YHT stop in case of power failure?" Authorities answering the question, stating that the system was prepared with an alternative, said, “Alternative sources continue to supply electricity in case of an outage. For example, between Ankara and Konya, even if electricity is cut off in Ankara, electricity from Konya can feed the entire system. ”

By 2023, 29 cities are planned to be connected by high-speed train. In addition to the Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Sivas lines, which were put into service and under construction, the construction of the high-speed train line of 5, 731 kilometers will begin. The total line length of 2023 in Turkey will reach 10 thousand kilometers. You can go from Edirne to Kars in 8 hours.

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