BURULAŞ, BursaRay Line Extension, added new lines to comfortable transportation.

BURULAŞ, the transportation company of the Metropolitan Municipality, added new ones to the feed lines to bring the residents of the city to a comfortable transportation.

With the extension of BursaRay line, some lines serving light rail stations were changed. In order to ensure comfortable transportation in the city, BURULAŞ arranged the bus lines by taking into consideration the need of BursaRay with the extension of Bursa and Uludağ University and Emek. At the request of BURULAŞ, the new arrangement determined by UKOME will take off from Labor Station instead of Organized Industrial Station with 1 / M, 1 / GY, B / 36, B / 36-A and B / 36-C lines. Those who want to go to Mudanya will use the 2.5 mileage more than the light rail system. Minibuses that provide transportation between Mudanya and Bursa will also serve from Emek Station.

1 / GY: Güzelyalı - Yeni Mudanya Yolu - Geçit - Emek Station

1 / M: Arnavutköy - Mudanya - Mudanya Road - Geçit - Emek Station

B / 36: Eğitim Caddesi - Old Bursa Mudanya Yolu - Geçit - Emek Station

B / 36-A: Çekrice - Balabancık - Yenice Köy - Dedeköy - Hasköy - Bursa Yolu Caddesi - Eski Mudanya Yolu Caddesi - Geçit - Emek Station

B / 36-C: Aydınpınar - Göktaş Aydınpınar Houses - Aydın Köy - Engineers Site -

Göktaş Aydınpınar Houses - Eski Mudanya Caddesi - Geçit - Emek Station.

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