BURULAŞ increases comfort in transportation

BURULAŞ, which provides urban transportation of approximately 600 thousand people with public transportation vehicles by means of Bursaray, tram and rubber wheels, added a new one to its innovations. Serving with its own vehicles as well as private buses, BURULAŞ maximizes its standards. In this sense, the public transport bus of Yaztur, which is affiliated with BURULAŞ, was renewed. Yaztur's bus lines have been replaced with new vehicles that use the latest technology. General Manager of Yaztur firm İbrahim Yazıcı, who delivered the new vehicles, stated that they will contribute to the more comfortable journey of the city with the low base and modern buses.

BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy stated that there are buses connected to the company Bursabeyi in the order that the private buses connected to BURULAŞ will be renewed soon. Fidansoy stated that the talks with Sabahattin Beyaz, one of the managers of the Bursabeyi company, have been completed and the buses of this company will be replaced by modern vehicles in the near future. Underlining that the incorporated operators can transform more easily, Levent Fidansoy said, “We expect other private operators to become companies like Yaztur and Bursabeyi companies. This will be much more useful for them and for us. ” said.

BURULAS General Manager Levent Fidansoy, the Metropolitan Municipality of Public Transport Vehicles Regulation will be changed over time, noting that all the tools will be high standards, emphasized that the new vehicles. Fidansoy emphasized that the new vehicles are low-based, air-conditioned, disabled-ramped, safe, comfortable and equipped with the latest technology.

Source: Anadolu Haber

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