7 Trams from Germany to Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality ordered a new wagon when demand for the nostalgic tram operating between Cumhuriyet Caddesi and Davutkadı was intense. Three of the 7 trams ordered from Germany were lowered on the Davutkadı İncirli Caddesi.

A special value to the historical bazaar and inns area of ​​Bursa Metropolitan Municipality kazanExtending the Cumhuriyet Street tram line, which was implemented in order to increase the number of passengers, to İncirli Street, also increased the demand of the passengers. After the existing 3 trams in green color were insufficient, 7 of the 3 trams ordered from Bochum, Germany and brought to Bursa with special trucks, were put on the rails as a result of the work of expert teams. Trams, which have more passenger capacity than nostalgic trams, will be offered to citizens after the maintenance. First, technical and electrical maintenance will be carried out on the trams, and then the exterior design will be painted in green-white color symbolizing Bursa.

According to the information received from BURULAŞ officials, the number of trips will increase as the trams start to operate on the lines. It is planned to reduce the tram rides every half an hour to a shorter time. After the reinforcement of the tram, the number of trams serving on Cumhuriyet Caddesi-Davutkadı line, which is 4 kilometers, will increase to 3. Trams will begin to serve citizens after their maintenance.

Tradesmen on Incirli Street are very pleased that the tram line crosses the street. Expressing that his work has improved after the tram has entered the street, Ali Arslan said, “With the contributions of our municipality, the railway network was first installed here. It was a nice work. After the tram started working, the street came to life. When we saw the new trams, we became murtler. Extending the railway network is good for traffic relief. We are pleased as tradesmen. ”

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