Transportation is Open in BursaRay, How about Zam!

Metropolitan Municipality continues its hidden transportation hikes. Recently; the citizens of the extension of the reader was surprised!
Secret raise again!
Ahmet, Mehmet, Ayse, Fatma began to say what is happening!
Transportation in the open, hike why secret?
Why did they hide the fact that they brought a light rail system to Emek at zero cost, and that they did a third raise in a year?
In 2011; BursaRay full ticket fee was 1.10 TL, in August it was increased to 1.35 TL and 2012 TL by 1.45 in February.
Did we know?
An example gives Bursa Folk Houses
In January, 2011 TL and 240 TL ranged from the month of January to 320. In the year of 2012, the cost of transportation for a family of four was between 300 TL and 380 TL. 2011 's February, 2012' s February, the month of February was increased 84. The transportation which the Metropolitan Municipality considers to be a way to profit is a compulsory need for us. We have to make use of the transport services of the municipality every day, our children go to school, hospital. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality; should immediately withdraw the transportation hike! Transportation should be free during the morning and evening work arrivals and departures. Transportation is right!
Transportation also deserves! Do you deserve unprecedented, concealed hikes?
Public transport is recommended by the authorities. Special vehicles are requested to be as much traffic as possible; is it possible to use the urban transportation vehicles of a family of 4 people with the above mentioned examples?
Should we think of the phrase 'silence, as soon as it comes to you?'
Or 'if the word is silver, silence is gold' sözcüShould we put the third in our brains!
After all…
Susup, those who prefer not to get into trouble!

Face to face survey
Önder Matlı, AKP Member of Parliament in Bursa and Member of the Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, draws attention to the fact that every year there is an economic loss of 8 billion TL due to the division of agricultural lands.
matte; especially from the land kazanThe moment deals with the problems of the workers.
Bursa may be an industrial city Bursa
However, almost all of the citizens living in the districts are livelihood agriculture.
Matli said ı
Cak For the necessary legal regulation, face-to-face survey will be conducted with 50 thousand people from various segments of the society. Turkey, due to the heirs of agricultural land resulting in small parcels every year to share suffers a significant amount of economic loss. If we don't do the required work, the losses will increase. We cannot tolerate the great losses suffered by the agricultural sector and the country's economy. Tarım
The Matlin; giving examples and saying that they will seek urgent solution örnek
Lira Our annual support budget is 7,3 billion liras. So in one year we have as much loss as the cash support we give to the farmer. If we do not take measures today, this parcel will be divided into 3 brothers, then the lost 2 will be doubled. In Turkey; 1952 2 million 500 thousand in 3, now the 100 million 60 thousand output. 600 emerged in 15 thousand new businesses over the years. While the number of parcels was 22 million, now XNUMX million. This clearly shows that the land is divided. As the parcels shrink, the economic losses increase. However, in the EU countries such as Germany, France, Denmark and the Netherlands, land division is not allowed. We did not divide the land during the Ottoman period. Biz
The Matlin; As a deputy standing in his word until this time, Mustafakemalpaşa and Karacabey are being held by the people.
Laborer producers; sure that it will prevent the division of land.
When Mr. Matlı analyzes this work, he will establish the hearts of the laboring peasants.

It was obvious!
Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Bursa Branch 12. Necati Şahin reaffirmed his confidence in the Ordinary General Assembly.
It was a surprise.
3 days before the Congress of the KENT Gazetesi'a members of the board of directors from the Sahin; he had shown that he would be elected president again that day.
It is clear that people who are anxious, cowardly and stuttering (insecure) cannot win congresses with victory.
Necati Sahin and his team did not see such a feeling.
We looked at; This guy is traveling with confidence.
3 days before the election is finished.
The obvious choice kazanacak Şahin and his team.
Sahin, the expected speech after the election has done once again Şahin
“We will continue to tell the truth in the coming period. İMO Bursa Branch will continue to be the locomotive of our profession, our colleagues, our city and our country.
Chamber of Civil Engineers 12. The Board of Directors consists of the following people isimler
Necati Sahin, Basri Akyildiz, Fatih Canbazoglu, Haluk Emre Akgun, Ozgur Yasar Ozbey, Oktay Kays, Nurten Topaloglu.
İMO Bursa Branch is called the Board of Directors reserve list!
During our visit to Şahin newspaper; We are noble, no backup. He said that he was doing our meetings and acting together with all of our chosen friends.
Here's a replacement! But the names that will act like the nobles are as follows Ancak
İbrahim Hakkı Demir, Esra Güldeş Yakar, Mustafa Burak İmrekoğlu, Melike Ekmekci, Isa Serinturk, Yavuz Bahadir Aksoy, Alper Aydin.
Mr. Şahin; There was a saying that I loved during his visit to the KENT newspaper…
We'il touch the water, friend. No cleaning if we don't touch it.
We look forward to cleaning your business with Mr. Şahin.

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