Bursaray will breathe new bridges on the way to Ankara

The foundation of the new bridges to the Ankara Road by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was laid by Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç and Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe.

Within the scope of BursaRay East stage works which will bring the light rail system to Kestel and Gürsu, foundation of the bridges on Hacivat, Balıklıdere and Deliçay was laid and the rehabilitation works of Hacivat Bridge started.

In It is our honor to solve the problems of Bursa “

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, with a large participation in the ceremony, the year expectation of Bursa about 60 years ago, and today will meet the needs of the narrow and old bridges will be rebuilt, he said.

Turkey and Bursa President Altepe stating that developing rapidly, "Bursa's livable, healthy, modern living, we are working with all our institutions for a lively history and tourism is the city. It is our honor to solve the problems of Bursa. Bursa is changing the face of what is done, Bursa he said.
Providing examples of the work of the city and the citizens of the Metropolitan Municipality, Altepe, green area, afforestation, square arrangement and park, cable car, the municipality is continuing the work of the new service building, the construction of science technology center began and said that this year will be opened. President Altepe pointed out that the construction of a sports facility close to 100 was made today and that Uludağ will return to the construction site in the summer months.

Transportation in Bursa

President Altepe emphasized that transportation-related activities are continuing intensively. Our intersection works are also continuing. Soon we will start work at Demirtaş Köprülü Junction. On the other hand, tramway works and projects are going on in the city and city center. We will start our work on the T2,5 line which will pass through the city center in the 600 month. Kent

Noting that the most important investment in public transportation is the subway lines, President Altepe said, Toplu We are continuing the construction of the eastern stage in BursaRay. Once completed, this will be the first line of tenders to be completed in this period. With the 8 km line, rail system works will reach 40 km even in Bursa. In this way, we will be caught in Istanbul, Bu he said.

President Altepe, stating that the strong investments in all areas of Bursa continued, UM This period has not yet completed the year 3, the investments made in the last period 100 million TL exceeded. This period will be talked to Bursa, said Bursa will always be on the agenda with our work, Bu he said.

The new bridges will lead to 9 lanes

President Altepe, in relation to the renovation of the bridge X We are expanding the road with 3 lanes in Hacivat, Balıklıdere and Deliçay and 3 lane bridges with 8,5 lanes and 9 lane bridges together. Our goal is to complete these constructions at the beginning of the year and to start the rail system in spring next year. The preliminary reinforced concrete, prefabricated bridges will cost 19 million TL. Within this scope, the part extending in the 3500 meter area in the Hacivat Creek to the bottom of the East Near Ring Road is being rehabilitated. At the same time in the stream arrangement and park work will be done. Stream improvement will also cost 12 million TL. All these works will cost around 32 million TL in total, Tüm he said.
President Altepe, Öztimurlar Construction works will be completed as soon as possible said.

Arınç'tan Metropolitan praise
Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç touched upon the importance of the renovation works of the Metropolitan Municipality, especially BursaRay and the bridge, which was constructed to facilitate transportation in general. Bursa I congratulate our Metropolitan Municipality for its good works. I think this study is important for Bursa to be a more livable, peaceful and happy city. Bursa
Noting that Bursa has become a metropolis, Arinc said: ol Bursa has become very powerful. Transport is also very important for a city and metropolis. We know that everyone wants more convenient transportation in their daily life. Bursa, Metropolitan Municipality will complete the work without delay. What should be done in terms of urbanism that suits this city in Bursa, is made and made by the zeal of today and previous presidents. Bursa has become a beautiful city. But I believe that the modern transportation opportunities that will be achieved by the construction of these bridges and BursaRay reaching to Kestel will contribute to our people. Ama

”We are looking for more services to Bursa”
Arinc, Bursa began to attract more and more attention every day, noting that 2. After the Uludag Economy Summit, which is considered Davos, 22 pointed out the importance of the tourism program that will be held by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in April. He added that the historical city of Bursa contains artifacts before and after the Ottoman Empire. Da Being an industrial city, 4. I believe that taking place will contribute to Bursa. Bursa, 2700 with a thousand people, 18 MP remained with the position. This also reveals our robust population structure. As it is today, we will be in pursuit of serving more to Bursa after that. Bugün

”Bursa will be a city to be proud of“
Governor Sahabettin Harput said that Bursa is one of the fastest growing locomotives in Bursa. Gün Bursa is a city of peace where everyone wants to live. We are striving to make this city one of the vision cities of our country. Bursa, which is a modern city with its entire infrastructure and protection of its history, history and history will become a proud city. Yanında

Xnumx bin to the urban transformation of Keskin
Yildirim Mayor Özgen Keskin, 2 years, the urban transformation project, which is being prepared for years, providing information about the city, the 50 thousand residential urban transformation project will start in April 4 said. As in all areas, Bursa also breathed with the transportation services to record the breath, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe'ye thanked for the signatures.
After the speeches, Deputy Prime Minister Arinc, President Altepe and protocol members, laid the foundation of Hacivat Deresi breeding work. Arinc, then participating in the ceremony, Metropolitan Municipality Club Volunteer volunteers went to the scouts, chatted with the children for a while.
Deputies, district mayors, provincial councilors, councilors, Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, parties and many citizens attended the ceremony and supported the work of the Metropolitan Municipality.

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