Bursa Nostalgic Tram New Vehicles Arrived

nostalgic tram rides dance competition setting
nostalgic tram rides dance competition setting

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Cumhuriyet Street and Davutkadı functioning nostalgic tram demanded a new wagon when the demand was intense.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality ordered a new wagon when the demand for the nostalgic tram operating between Cumhuriyet Street and Davutkadı was intense. In addition to the existing 1952 model 3 tram, the 1993 model 3 new wagons reach Bursa from Germany, and the line will extend to Yediselviler at the beginning of April with the re-hit.

20 trams with a capacity of 120 people, 3 meters long, ordered from Germany, were put on the tracks on İncirli Street.

Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy stated that they put down the 1993 model 3 tram, which was ordered from Bochum, Germany and brought to Bursa with special trucks, “Trams with more passenger capacity than nostalgic trams will be offered to the citizens after the maintenance to be carried out. Technical and electrical maintenance of trams will be done first, and then the exterior design will be painted in green-white color symbolizing Bursa. Yesterday, with the decision taken in the parliament, we are digging again to extend the line at the beginning of April. We will take another 2,5 kilometers and even 650 meters to Yediselviler. Our goal is to deliver the tram to Siteler. ”

Fidansoy said that they will reduce the trips every 20 minutes to 10 minutes and aim to increase the passenger carrying capacity of 3 thousand per day to 8 thousand, and said, “New trams are younger. We bought while actively working in Germany. 1993 model and 20 meters long. According to the current tram, it can carry two floors. In the coming days, we will commission 3 new trams. Thus, 6 trams will serve between Zafer Square Davutkadı. We will extend the line to Yediselviler Neighborhood as soon as possible. ”

Tradesmen on Incirli Street are very pleased that the tram line crosses the street. Expressing that his work has improved after the tram has entered the street, Ali Arslan said, “With the contributions of our municipality, the railway network was first installed here. It was a nice work. After the tram started working, the street came to life. When we saw the new trams, we became murtler. Extending the railway network is good for traffic relief. We are pleased as tradesmen. ”

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